Sunday, December 28, 2008

Considering Post-Holiday-Electric-Shock-Therapy. AND let's discuss my peroid. Nothing's sacred.

Don't worry your pretty little heads over this... I'm getting there. I promise. But in the meantime, if you live within 50 miles of me and know who I am- QUIT BRINGING CHRISTMAS GOODIES TO MY WORK, MY HOME, OR ANYWHERE NEAR ME. YOU MAY BE AT RISK OF LOSING A DIGIT, OR WORSE.

Dang, people. We're trying to lose weight around here! If I had any self control, I wouldn't look like this TO BEGIN WITH. SO WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME???

Okay... okay... rant is over. Take a deep breath. Let's get down to business.

Tomorrow is Monday & I am back on it, 100%. As you can see from the pic, I polished off the cheeseball that LESLIE brought over along with her irresistible home made fudge. (you KNOW I'll call you out on MY blog-be warned.) I'm heading to the gym tomorrow at 9AM with my priorities in place, having ingested 30g of protein & my Phentermine pill - ready for ACTION.

And ladies, (my apologies to Brian, the one male follower on my blog, for this topic... feel free to stop reading HERE, Brian) what is up with the water weight gain/bloating during our periods? Feel FREE to comment to me about this. When, exactly, does the weight gain happen? I lost 4.2 as of last Tuesday 12/23, then AUNT FLOW came to visit four days later... now I feel HUGE but I don't know if that's the side effect of my peroid or that cheeseball I just ate. Maybe both? I'm totally expecting to have gained at least eight pounds this week. And if I do... I'll blame it allllll on water weight. Yup. Water weight gain.

So THAT'S where I'm at. As I always say, it is what it is. If I gained weight this week (who am I kidding with the *if*) I'll know exactly why. But I also know what I need to do to take it back off, right? I am a WEIGHT LOSS STUD. And WHO is going to lose weight during the week of Christmas PLUS I had TWO wedding receptions to go to??? Seriously. I'm a victim. A very puffy victim.


Linda said...

Two wedding receptions during the week of christmas, wow!

I've had enough with the goodies showing up everywhere!

We'll get through it!!!


newme said...

dudette, just reading through your blog there and you made me giggle! totally dont beat yourself up over water weight... I always look at it this weight, in order to put on one lb, you have to eat 3500 calories over and above what you in order to gain that radical amount you would have had to consume over 14000 calories...did you?!i dont think so ;-) totally WATER :-D

The Daily Rant said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. YOUR blog is great!!! And you get to live in Oregon - one of my very favorite states!! Especially the part you live in!

I am going to continue reading now and hope to see you again over at my place!

I'm very interested in following your weight loss progress as I plan to start (once again) the first of the year. I have to start on either a Monday or the first day of the month - it's a mental thing! lol

Are you using the plan through your husband's practice? I guess I'll have to read more of your blog to find out.


The Daily Rant

(My word verification is "panti" - kinda funny)

Ashley said...

First of all, you can't be THAT bloated because you were wearing a belt two days ago. You probably just FEEL bloated. Maybe you should take a water pill before weigh in tomorrow just to be safe? :)

And secondly, who has wedding receptions during Christmas? You are a stud for surviving holidays and weddings all at once!

Dani said...

Hi Amy! THANK YOU for stopping by my little corner of the web! I *just* stopped in quickly to say hello, but I want to do a little stalking on your blog!! :o) I saw on a comment you left for Linda that you're in Klamath Falls (right--still?). I lived in Medford for about 5 years. Sometimes I miss southern Oregon so much! :o) Stop by often. Dani

Angie All The Way said...

:-) Amy you are toooo friggin cute! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog :-) I'm adding you to my blogroll cause you're that damn cute! :-D

I've been retaining water like a friggin sponge the last 6 months or so - it was never an issue with me before and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm closer to my goal??

Stages of Change said...

GREAT blog. Glad I found it. And just in the nick of time for a period discussion!

But, I'm not easily dissuaded, so you can now add one more male to your list of followers.

Also, I agree SO much about people bringing christmas "treats" everywhere. It's like Hello? I'm trying to lose weight here?

If everyone who's offered me Christmas treats was an alcoholic I'd like to go their AA meeting and start passing out cups of spiked eggnog. "It's the holidays guys, come on, get in the spirit!"

Anyway, again, great blog. Looking forward to reading more.

Princess Mema said...

Hi Amy,
I just stumbled upon your blog. Your fun personality really shines through. Congratulations on becoming the incredible shrinking look mahvelous! Love ya, Sue

MParrish said...

water weight's totally evil! I lose and gain several inches a month due to water retention, no joke, i've measured it...I also retain alot of water in my hands/feet...closely related to alcohol, so be glad you don't drink!!!

Look it as a a good sign! You only notice it because you have lost enough weight to join the millions of us ladies out there who already deal with it monthly!! So welcome....what an odd club to join...water retaining ladies of america.

Can you tell I am addicted to your blog? We must get together in person as soon as I return from honeymoon....

Ashlyn*Marie said...

DANG! Look at all your followers miss thang!

WELL my period beats your period ready? I have UTI symptoms 3 days before I start and 1 day before I start I just gain 6 pounds. EVERY single time. Then it comes off 2 days after my 6-7 DAY cycle.

There is only sympathy here but I must say I am so glad I am not there for your week because you scare me like birds fear me, cause I will kill them.

Miss K said...

amy...your hilarious. how much protein are you supposed to eat each day? i've heard, 1g for every lb you want to weigh, i just don't know!!!

Kiki said...

I mark my calendar three days before Aunt Flo is suppose to arrive as a pre-warning of cravings and water retention.

How was your workout today? I'm sure that helped the bloated feeling.

Thanks for another inspirational post!

Laurens_Closet said...

THANKS for all of the wonderful comments! Where do I begin???

YES I did work out today & I was sweating like a PIG. It did make me feel less bloated & gross and definately more productive!

NEWME: I HOPE I didn't ingest more then 14,000 calories. If I did, somebody please harpoon me.

Okay, Miss K... Dr. Hempel (or Cookie as I call him) recommends his weight loss patients eat 1.5 grams per kilogram of ideal body weight per day in protein. I am not personally this sophisticated in my mathmatical skills so I just eat 30 grams per meal. And he just added that it means you need to eat between 90 and 120g of protein per day, divided between your three meals & snacks. We can have a blog about finding protein resources sometime- lucky for me, we sell high protein foods in our practice that I can snag, at will. AND, Miss K, you LIVE in KFalls so you need to get on our weight loss program so Dr. Hempel can come up with a weight loss plan specifically for YOU!

And ASHLYN~ Be gllaaaaaaddddd you're not here for my "monthly friend" cause I'd be riding your butt. As a matter of fact, I'm docking your paycheck since you're out of town & I don't have to give you "hazard pay" for working while I'm raging.

"Angie All the Way" gets my FAVORITE BLOG READER OF THE DAY award for calling me CUTE, TWICE in one comment. I love you.

I'm LOVING that I have ANOTHER boy on my blog AND he came over here for my period discussion. THAT is a secure man.

Melonie~ YES let's hook up when you get back! Gimme a call~ You've got my digits, girl, right??

And finally... THANK YOU to everyone who is coming to my blog! I love the support & new friends I am making! I wish you ALL HUGE amounts of weight loss! Keep on commenting, too~ What FUN!!!


carla said...


life is too short...this holiday season too hectic..and routine is right around the weekendcorner!

Lainie said...

Hi--thanks for stopping by my blog and admiring my Pepper pic. Boston Terriers are the greatest (mine is now snoring next to me). I'm sure I'll be seeing more of your blog--love your attitude.

As for my period, I won't repeat what I call it when it comes calling. I was on the 3-month pill for a while and LOVED it, but now I'm trying to conceive so I have to deal with her. Grrr.