Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking back, three months from now...

MAN I am dropping the ball! I have not blogged since... MONDAY! SO much has happened in the last two days.

Okay, not really. However I DID weigh in at Weight Watchers. (drum roll, please) This is the first meeting we have had since before Christmas because the building was closed for maintenance. So... as of today... I GAINED 1.2 pounds bringing my current weight to an even 194. I'll take it. The last time I weighed in was on 12/23 and I was at 192.8 with a 4.2 pound loss.

Considering Christmas, New Years, 2 weddings, my birthday, and our anniversary has passed since then, I'll take the 1.2 pound gain.

I have to say that I am SO glad the holidays are behind us. Lauren is back in school, thus I am back in my routine. I am still working out with Nikki twice a week and, starting today, I am working with weights three days a week! Twice with Nikki and once on my own. This means that one day a week, it's ON ME to get the correct workout done. I'm a little worried about my form & remembering how each exercise is supposed to be performed. Most likely, Nikki will be in the gym, eyeballing what I'm doing, so I should be all right. There are so many things to remember- keeping my heel down during the lunges, holding my elbows in while doing curls, AND WHEN TO BREATHE IN AND OUT. (can I get an "amen" from some of my fitness buddies out there?) Why is it that I am constantly breathing the WRONG DIRECTION whenever I am working with Nikki? You'd think I'd have a 50/50 chance of getting it right but NOOoooooo. It's always "breath out as you're bringing your arms up" right as I'm sucking IN. I have no intention of ever getting my breathing right. I figure as long as I'm BREATHING, one way or another, that's good enough.

I have accumulated fantastic amounts of exercise accessories in my home. And as I sit on my couch, watching my Tivo'd programs, I think "I should go get my weights & do a little mini workout." Somehow I can wear tight-roll-exposing-clothing at the gym in front of strangers on a daily basis with ease but I can't seem to lift myself off of the couch for a 20 minute workout.

I need to find some of the discipline at home that I have at the gym. OR I need to excuse myself from doing any sort of workout at home since I kill myself at the gym for an hour each day.

I like option two better.

Yesterday at weight watchers we discussed goals. (anyone else out there a little tired of reading and writing about goals?) However, I do believe, if you listen, you can find something meaningful in any situation. And I did hear something that has stuck with me.

Our meeting leader, Kathy, said "as you look back on 2008, what would you say you accomplished?" And of course there were comments about losing weight, coming to the meetings, exercising... then Kathy said "three months from now, when you look back, what would you like to say you've accomplished?

Let's repeat:

Three months from now, when you look back, what would you like to say you've accomplished?

I think we get so hung up on what we're going to do in TWO THOUSAND AND NINE that we lose perspective. It's easy to throw a bunch of big empty promises, RESOLUTIONS, out there when you have 365 days before you're accountable for them.

It feels different to me if you're holding my feet to the fire about what I'm going to achieve in three months.
So let's answer THAT question:

In three months I am going to be in the 170's by increasing and changing my exercise routine and being more strict with my diet.

In three months I will be even more disciplined with what I am eating and feeding my family. I enjoy reading blogs & magazines about healthy cooking and food preparation. I am certain that building our new kitchen will be the turning point for the way I prepare our meals.

In three months my kitchen will be under construction if it kills me.

So... let's turn the tables, here- I'd like to ask my blog friends:
When you look back, in three months, what will you be able to say YOU'VE accomplished?


Rebecca said...

I will be able to say, I said no to many things because I did not want them, I said yes to the things I wanted, I enjoyed every day and felt productive everyday and I lost 32lbs!!!

Kiki said...

A wonderful post! Although your weight was slightly up you're doing great! I'm impressed you didn't put on more with all you had going on at the end of the year!

Love that question, What will I accomplish in the next three months. It makes me focus on concentrate more knowing it's in three months not 12months from now.

Have a great day!

carla said...

(HOW CUTE ARE YOU. the pics all made me smile...)
I will have started doing yoga AND begun a picture book for my daughter...a present...all about her life so far.

Me, Only Better said...

You are so dedicated to your exercise at the gym - I do think you need to excuse yourself at home!

Three months from now I hope that I know that this has been a life chnage, rather than a fad.

I would like to be well into the 150's.

I would like to feel healthy and energized and excited about exercise!

Laurens_Closet said...

Thanks for the compliments~ you are all too generous!

Rebecca~ beng able to say YES or NO and not waivering takes skill. And 32 pounds- is that a goal or already done? I'll have to look at YOUR blog!

KIKI!!! XOXO! I'm glad I didn't put on more, too, but if I did~ ya gotta have the same attitude. Pick it up & keep moving forward. (glad I'm not carrying MORE weight moving forward, but all the same)

Carla~ I appreciate that you included something that is NOT about weight loss in your goals. You wouldn't even know my poor Corbin EXISTS as there is NO baby book! I need to make that a goal, too!

And ME ONLY BETTER- how right you are. I loved your comment- that this is a new way of life & not a fad. I have not really thought about that, myself, although I think that fear has been in the back of my mind. It's hard to keep the momentum at times & you wonder "do I have to do this, forever, to be healthy?" MY hope is that one day I will be at a weight, with good habits, that I can work out 3 days a week and still look AMAZING. But, for now, it's time to pay the piper so off to the gym I go, 5-6 days per week. *sigh*

LOVE the comments & I appreciate each one of you!

Keep posting~ I LOVE it!!! : )


The Duckworth Family said...

Hey! Fun again to see you and congrats on your efforts! I'm proud your my friend!

Lorrie said...

I love your post. I know I am one who rolls my eyes when the word 'goal' is mentioned or 'resolution'. However I have a new "R" word...rededicate. In other words, GET BACK ON TRACK. So far so good.

I will be able to say... I can run a mile without stopping and be looking "up" at 200 lbs. Woot!