Thursday, January 1, 2009

How was YOUR New Years Eve? And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! While I'm thinking about New Year's Resolutions, I'll give you a quick recap of my New Years/Birthday celebration from last night!
I have to tell you that yesterday I had one of the BEST birthdays I've ever had! I won't bore you with ALL of the details (presents/working out/naughty meals) however I MUST tell you how my day ended! My GOOD friend, Lisa Carter, invited a few people over to play some games and bring in the New Year. Eric was told to bring me over at 8:30PM SHARP. This lends one to think that something may be in the works. We showed up to Lisa's home & she had streamers up, balloons, & a beautiful table full of food (including celery sticks and other lower fat options). Lisa stuck "warm fuzzies" to each person as they came in & anyone who said my name out loud received an additional "warm fuzzy."
(Lisa was covered by the time I left.) Lisa made a BEAUTIFUL cake with a cup full of raw carrots on the top that was "for Amy." The bottom layer was a carrot cake made from scratch with substitutes such as applesauce for the oil and it was YUMMY! They all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and then Lisa pulled out a beautiful, large gift box... Everyone watched as I opened the box to discover that Lisa was kind enough to publicly give me a teddy & matching pair of thong underwear. In front of a room full of people. From church.
(always remember: it is truly impossible to embarrass Amy. And paybacks are hell.)
It was a wonderful way to end a perfect day. And how lucky am I to have such a fun, thoughtful friend?
It's going to make me sad when I have to pay her back for her little lingerie stunt.
I'd like to give a warm THANK YOU to all of my friends who stopped by my blog & left their favorite work out songs! I definitely have more music options, now, and will be downloading tonight! And I'm so happy you all come by to see what I'm up to! I'll post again, tomorrow, and get back on track with my thoughts about weight loss. The holidays have been a wonderful diversion but it's now time to GET BACK TO BUSINESS!


The Daily Rant said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!! I love the lingerie - it's gorgeous. As are you!!

What a good time it looks like you all had. Have a WONDERFUL New Year.

You have inspired me and today was my first day on my weight loss journey. Thank you!

Molly said...

Love it! Had so much fun with you guys last night. I am going to have to get that game! Oh and by the way, your blog is inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Linda said...

Looks like you had a blast!!!!!

Kiki said...

What a wonderful party and how terrific a friend is Lisa!!! Making you a cake that was HEALTHY!