Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pardon us as we pause for this important announcement.

And for all of my local friends (or those who read this blog & are willing to travel)...

Call us today at (541) 884-2900 for a free aesthetic consultation OR information about our medical weight loss program!

100% of Dr. Hempel's medical weight loss patients are losing weight their first month of treatment with the average patient losing NINE pounds at their first follow up appointment!

Let's make 2009 your most beautiful & healthy year, yet!


Katschi (Karen) said...

Hey You!
I'm here. Are ya happy now? lol

I was looking at your before and after pics and I'm impressed how much you've changed your body in such a short time. It's very inspiring to see! I hope to be where you are now by April 1/09.
I don't take any scripts for weight loss but I do drink an energy drink before I work out. I find it helps me to stay on the damn dreadmill for an hour.
Well you sure are fun and bubbly and positive so I'm looking forward to coming here often.
Thanks for visiting mine! I love to see new faces!

MParrish said...

ha! love it! who comes up with all your witty aspen family medicine ads? please tell me its you...seems like your type of humor!