Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day Four: Run, Amy, RUN!

Well... I'm sorry to disappoint you but I DID go to the gym this morning so you're not going to get a give-away, yet! I thought about the weekend ahead- Eric's mother is coming into town and even with the BEST intentions of working out, it's hard when someone is around for a visit. I'm committed to 5 days of exercise per week and tomorrow will complete this week's commitment.

Give-aways will happen over the weekend, Saturday AND Sunday!

Today was a hectic but FUN day. This morning I took the kids and headed to the gym- completing one hour on the elliptical. It was QUIET at the gym this morning... odd... I've found that I like to tweet, Facebook, and text while I'm on the elliptical. It makes the time pass... so if you're on any of my social networking sites... SORRY. I'm CHATTY in the morning!

After the gym, I went home, cleaned up, and my friend Lise came over. We loaded the kids up in the van and headed for Medford. I needed to buy a new memory foam mattress pad from Costco for our camper. We just bought the camper and haven't taken it out, yet, but really... can we call this "camping?" I mean, this thing has BEDS and a microwave and a shower and a flat screen television... It's like a luxury hotel room on wheels. ANYWAY... after Costco we headed to Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon. Ashland is such a beautiful town- I really need to hire an overnight babysitter & go there with Dr. Hempel for an evening.

We arrived home and said our goodbyes to Lise and her beautiful kiddos around 6PM and then Eric and I headed to the Friends of the Children charity auction. This is one of the events we attend each year and tonight there were about 600 people there! It was a lot of fun but after a day of GO!! GO!! GO!! it's nice to be home with my shoes off, RELAXING.

My "outside of the box" event for today? Inviting my new Facebook friend, Lise, to go with me to Ashland and enjoy the park! Some of my friends have become my friends because I've selected them, stalked them, and they eventually gave in to my charms. I had met Lise a couple of times in social situations and one night I saw her cute face on Facebook & I sent her a friend request and told her I wanted to stalk her get to know her better. She accepted & now we've even gone out of the city limits together! WHO KNOWS what the future holds!!

It's 11:31PM and I'm off to BED. More to come tomorrow......


sarah said...

Happy you went to the gym. My plan is to finally get back to it tomorrow. I need it.

natioam said...

I am bummed. I have a very swollen knee today. I have torn cartlidge in it and it seems to sweel up a couple of days each week. Very annoying. I am truly amazed that you can tweet and do FB on the elptical. I can hardly change the music on my ipod! You are doing great. An inspiration!