Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I was going to be a good mother today.

I had a great day planned. This morning wasn't a "throw some cereal at the kids" kind of morning... no, Mama cooked eggs. Then we headed to the gym so that I could get in my hour of cardio. I told the kids that after the gym we were going to drive to The Ledge where we would take on their climbing wall. Lauren is an amazing climber. She doesn't need a "climbing wall" because she'll scale anything. If we're at a restaurant or hotel that has a rock face, don't turn your back or she'll be 10 feet up the wall before you know it. I told the kids I was nervous about trying to climb and Lauren gave me some tips about "finding a place to grip" and "finding a place to put your feet." You know, the important stuff.

Then... they started to fight. And they didn't quit. And I warned them... I said "if you guys keep this up, we're going home." Unfortunately, I'm a mother of my word and the children forgot that fact and they kept on screaming and arguing and picking at one another until I had to turn the car around and head home. No climbing gym for us today. Instead, we had a long day of cleaning out closets, bagging clothing and shoes for Goodwill, reorganizing children's bedrooms, and NOT watching television.

I was not popular today.

So sadly, I didn't get to conquer my "outside of the box" goal today of scaling the walls at The Ledge. Instead, I needed to parent. And by the end of the day, the kids each made "I'm Sorry" cards for both Eric and myself and they presented them to us at dinner.

Maybe I did conquer something today, after-all... I'll take a small victory when it comes to the kiddos.


Alison West said...

YAH !!!!! Amy - tackling motherhood definetly is a big achivement and it test us daily !!!! SO in my BOOK you did GREAT !!!!!! Wish all parents stuck to their word and kept the discipline balanced and in check !!!
GO AMY - GO AMY - GO AMY !!!!!!!

Jill said...

Hooray for Amy!!! I think you did great today!!! Do you think you could help my brother-in-law and my mother-in law because they just don't get it when it comes to disciplining my niece and nephew. Great job!!!!

Kelly Taipin said...

Your energetic outlook on life is inspiring! Thank you for that... looking forward to taking this journey with you - thanks for the heads up! Maybe, just maybe, I can learn, grow and gain something (other than weight of course) with you!

laurens_closet said...

KELLY YOU MADE IT! I'm so glad you came over here and checked it out! : ) I'd love to take you along for the ride... we need to go for a walk together sometime- I'd like that!

Jill and Alison~ Thanks for all of your sweet comments! I can always count on you guys to "check in"!


Lisé said...

Any small victory with kids is a giant accomplishment in my book. One small step for Mom, one giant leap for CPS!! Nice job.