Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 32: Hey... it's been a month... and a day... (and another WINNER is announced!)

I woke up this morning craving basil. Ummmm.... Basil. And how do I love the Internet? Want basil recipes? Just google "basil recipes" and WAH-LAH. For dinner tonight, we had some BBQ'd shrimp that marinated all day in cayenne pepper, red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and basil. They were GREAT! And then I added all of the wonderful summer sides I love- strawberries, grilled pineapple, & asparagus. (asparagus pee, much?)

It was a wonderful dinner that followed a busy, exhausting day. Summer is a lot of WORK for us mothers out there. Today we had some friends over to enjoy the BIG!! HUGE!! INFLATABLE!! dual water slide/kiddie pool that we have. We had some additional friends join us who have been stranded at home this summer while their mother is working. It was a good crowd! We had hot dogs from the grill, chips, Capri Suns, and popsicles. (some of us had a protein drink...) The short people were all pleased.

And even in the midst of all of today's entertaining, I managed to escape for one hour to the gym. Good stuff.

Considering that today is day THIRTY TWO... I believe it's time to assess the progress that is being made. I wish I had taken some "starting" pictures. But I didn't. I wish I had taken some measurements... but I didn't. Nothing intentional- just a case of bad planning. At ANY rate, in the last 31 days, I have lost 8 pounds. I wish I wanted to shout "EIGHT POUNDS" from the rooftops... and 8 pounds is nothing to be ashamed of... I just wish it was 14 pounds. Or something a little more exciting. (is it ever enough?)

Today I weigh 211 pounds. I'm hoping that in another 31 days, I will be at or under 200. That's my goal. I've had many people telling me that I "look good" and am "changing." It's hard to see it from my perspective. I can say that clothing is fitting a little better. I am feeling more positive about myself and what I am doing... But don't we just want the weight TO FALL OFF?? Yes. Yes, we do.

CHANGING SUBJECTS.... Today's WINNER of the Clean Eating subscription is.....

(drum roll.....)

CHRISTINA! CHRISTINA... who is a NURSE!! in MARYLAND!! She's gonna be getting a one-year subscription to Clean Eating magazine. Just for reading my pointless, random thoughts. How exciting is THAT? Christina... (yes, I'm talking to you) would you please email me your mailing information? You can send me a note at

That's ALL I have today, folks. I'm tired. But tomorrow is another day, Scarlet. That, I can guarantee.


Miz said...

eight pounds is GREAT.
I say you plaster the number around your domicile today on post its.

hell make a necklace out of pipecleaners and wear it around.

(perhaps ive been spending too much time with the 4 and under crowd with that last one :))


christina said...

wow I have never wone anything :) yaaa!

And I really hope that now that your month is done you keep posting daily... I look forward to it :)

Jennifer Garza said...

Wow, your dinner looks fantastic!

And BTW, you should SO be proud of your 8 pounds! At least you can rely on the scale to show you that you're making progress. I don't have that luxury. The way my body loses weight seems to be quite unique. I can exercise 8 hours a week and log every calorie on't matter if I'm walking, running, spinning, weight training or all the above. Doesn't matter if I'm eating low carb or low fat or taking in 1,300 or 1,800 calories per day.

Over the past three years, the result has been the same. I bust my butt for three months, no loss, no loss, no loss and then one day, I wake up and I've lost five pounds. Then the cycle repeats. It seems that when it shows on the scale, it doesn't show in inches and vice versa.

Despite this, I've kept on truckin' and have gone from a size 14 to a size 4 without having validation. It's been such a crazy journey that I started a blog to help other people stay motivated throughout their journey. It's so easy to give up when you think that you're working SO hard for NO many people do this before they have a chance to see that it IS working...

Case in point: I started running a month ago in addition to my regular gym classes four times a week and elliptical sessions, and I can tell big changes in my body, but still not one pound on the scale. But I got lucky this week and got some validation from a woman at the gym. She came up to me and said that I was looking "fitter."

I'll take it!

Rachel Garcia said...

Be Happy for your 8 pounds ~ I am happy for you and your 8 pounds maybe even a little jealous ~ and look at it this way you didn't gain 8 pounds you LOST them!! Quit Pouting!!

Ceci & Noni said...

Amy - You are doing FANTASTIC!

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the accomplishments we make on our weight loss journey because WE JUST WANT TO GET TO THE END OF IT! (afer all, it isn't the most fun journey we have ever taken...not like going to Paris, or New York or heck even to the zoo!) You are 8 lbs closer, and that is a fantastic place to be!

I have NO DOUBT that you will get below 200 lbs. in the next 31 days!

Keep up the GREAT work!


MatKiKenz said...

that photo of your meal looks like it belongs in a magazine! it looks beautiful... is it ok for food to look beautiful?

any how. Congrats on eight lbs that is fantastic... its like losing a newborn baby - so now you can say "I lost the weight of a human"! it sounds impressive! and it really is!!!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Amy, You are doing great. I am sure you are seeing changes in yourself. Hang in there because each day you have replaced the weight with joy!!! Dianntha

natioam said...

All I can say is yum!! Dinner looks great. I love grilled shrimp. Well, I like just about anything grilled. I bought some cedar wood planks for grilling fish today. Can't wait to use them!!