Monday, March 5, 2012

.... where am I ...?

"My name is Amy Hempel. I am a part time student at OIT and I have two children." This is what I came up with when I was asked to introduce myself to a group on Sunday. When I sat back down in my chair, I was kind of stunned. Really? Is that all I had to say about myself? I used to be a hell-raiser. I had a VOICE. I would go to clubs. I was creative and daring. I was the manager of the coolest clothing store, US Male, for four years when I lived in Memphis. I've lived in 5 states. I have been married to Eric for 15 years and during that time supported him while he was in graduate and medical school. I've had a successful career in sales and marketing. I was a regional-marketing-director-of-a-health-care-company. I ran a care facility in Missouri for about three years. I've met famous people and politicians. I'm FUNNY. I can be sarcastic- too sarcastic. Then I'm willing to swallow my pride and apologize. I'm reliable. I'm a mother. I adopted two children and had to fight like hell to keep one of them but we did it. I'm proud of my family. I'm proud of my relationships.

And now.  Now I'm a part time student and the mother of 2 kids.

The lines are starting to show on my face, softly around my eyes.  I'm obsessive about keeping the laundry caught up. I want the house to be neat and tidy. I have to keep my hair colored or the grey starts to show. I record my favorite shows and watch them while I fold the aforementioned laundry. I make sure dinner is ready every day. I make sure homework is completed. I make the bed every morning the minute we get out of it. I have the kids' friends over and feed them all snacks.

Don't get me wrong- I'm not complaining. I'll take a drama-free life any day. I'm thankful for all that I have. I'm just not sure when I became so... vanilla?

At 40 and beyond, what do YOU do to keep yourself... inspired?


Ron said...

You are anything but vanilla. I think you are more like Spumoni, my favorite flavor. You are an amazing person and one of the smartest people I know....

WindyLou said...

You'll always be a hellraiser in my eyes. xoxo

KENAZY said...

Oh Amy!!!
I will show you how you're not so vanilla.
My day starts @ 5:30 - getting hubbie's breakfast and lunch ready for work. He leaves at 6:20 then I clean up the kitchen and get the kids breakfast ready...then I head donwnstairs to clean up our room, family room and start some laundry. Can not finish because of the high peak rate(hydro), then take the girls to school(2 of them). On the way back go groceries shopping and rum errands. Come home and it's time to feed my 3 years old and spend some quality time. Once he's resting and well bathed and dinner is the emergency. Once I'm done is time to pick up the girls. Once the're done bathing and eating, it's homework time. That is finished they watch tv for an hour(we know that while they're watching they wont stop asking questions and calling us)...I take my shower with an open door because they'll have some request at certain point.Once I'm done my bath I'll grab something to eat while they have their snack...then hubbie gets home...some family time and off to bed the kids go(around 8 PM)..I head some laundry(low peak rate) and watch some tv while doing some work(for a birthda or etc) and it's time to go to bed.I would love to have your vanilla life my love. I think you're an amazing person ..acomplshing great goals...I wish I could loose at least 20 pounds but the inner will....hummm... take care and visit us some time ;)