Saturday, July 7, 2012

Here's a SNAPPY solution!

Boy oh boy do I love this guy, right down to the dirt on the bridge of his naughty back-yard-digging nose.


Baxter has a few bad habits and one of those bad habits involves my two brand-new Pottery Barn couches.

Have you ever had a dog or cat that likes to sit on your couch cushions? (If you've ever owned a dog or cat in your lifetime the answer is "yes.")

One mouse trap per cushion. * 

Baxter is an intelligent, sensitive animal. Thankfully, he is observant enough that I didn't need to set the traps for him. He watched me closely as I set them, snapping my own fingers, and decided he didn't want any part of that.
* No French Bulldogs were actually harmed in this process.

And wah-lah! Dog-butt free cushions!! Once they know about the potential SNAP, you can eventually quit setting the traps- just place them on the cushions. After a little more time, the couch will no longer be an option for your furry friend & you can go "trap-free!"

It may not sound super friendly but IT WORKS! If you've had the same problem, let me know how that works out for you!

1 comment: said...

Haha) An observant 4legged inhabitant of your flat made my day! It is so smart of his to follow the strategies of yours and prophesize your next steps! Nice!