Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life... Exercise... Impatience...

"One has to wait without impatience for what should come, and yet at the same time do everything within one's power as though one were impatient and as though one were solely responsible." ~ Rodney Collin

HELLO bloggers! It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas - WalMart is packed, traffic is crazy (for Klamath Falls...), and there's SNOW everywhere. I like to watch the snow. I don't like to participate with the snow. That's where I see a division of responsibilities between myself and Dr. Hempel- I'll sort the underwear, he can have the cold, wet kids out in the snow.

Not a lot to report today~ although I'm having a little bit of a sweet tooth the last couple of days! Yesterday I had some M&M's & a chocolate/peanut butter truffle that LISA CARTER (see previous posts about my "friend" Lisa) brought to my home. Today I finished off the M&M's that I had left over from yesterday. (Isn't THAT an accomplishment? To have LEFT OVER M&M's???) And I had a blueberry scone from the Green Blade Bakery. If you're a Klammy (Klamath Falls resident), have you been to the Green Blade Bakery? It's like crack cocaine.

I've finished week TWO with Nikki! I really enjoy my time with her & would recommend her if you are considering torture. I mean, a personal trainer. ; ) Each workout we've had has been different & she is always introducing new exercises which keeps me guessing & I like that. And she really focuses on ME when we're together- she's very upbeat & professional. I've been sore a lot the last two weeks, after working out with Nikki. Not so sore that I'm crippled, by any means- just "I need to take an ibuprofen this morning" kind of sore. I know it will get better.

My BIG news for the week??!? I just bought a size 14 pair of Levis, yesterday. And they look GOOD! (I'll have to post a pic) I bought 16's a month ago and I'm now constantly pulling them up. I could have bought a belt but why buy a belt when you can buy a smaller size? Really?

So that's it until next week! Lauren is out of school as of tomorrow for the Christmas holiday (Lord, help me) and we have parties to attend all weekend! I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend and remember: 3000 calories = a pound. Don't eat what more then you can afford to work off... RIGHT AMY???

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