Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OH scale... you little tease, you...

DANG, Bloggers! I went in for my weigh-in today at WW's and I have GAINED 1.8 pounds. MAN! Sometimes it feels like the whole "two steps forward, one step back" thing, ya know? However I am NOT going to beat myself up over it for the following reasons:
  1. I lost SIX pounds last week. When the lady at WW's told me my loss, I knew the next week was going to be trouble.
  2. I worked my @$$ off at the gym. I started my weight training with Nikki which, I am told, can make your weight go up instead of down.
  3. I have no regrets over what I was eating in the last week- I was a good girl.
  4. I am still in the 190's - - - it could be worse!

I also realize that about 3 weeks ago, I was SICK & didn't work out for a week, had a weight gain, then when dropped 6 pounds so I think I'm just evening out. I'm okay with that.

So that's the big "weigh in" this week~ not the BEST news but I'll take it, keep my chins up, and move forward! Now I've got something to PROVE for next week, right???

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting on my blog!!

Dont worry your little head about that gain...having such a HUGE loss the week before your body is just thinking WTF is she doing to me!! It's just evening out and next week you will be down as well. I tend to gain...and then the following week I lose a chunk...even though I have done nothing differently from week to week!! Our bodies are crazy things!! You seem up beat and you dont seem to be beating yourself up over it...which is great. We're on a journey..ups and downs...but we will all get there. Keep up the amazing work!!!