Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Looking back... (this is NOT a current picture of us!!) original post 10/25/08

This picture is from MAY 2008 - when I discovered I had become a sphere. If you would like to see a more recent pic, please refer to the previous post. ; )

HELLO friends! Life is going good, here - - - just doing my thing & plugging away! My weight is now down to 211. I am losing anywhere from 2.8 pounds per week to 1.5... it varies but I'm never disappointed. My original weight was 238. When we moved to Klamath Falls from Kansas City, I was under 200~ probably around 193ish. So, in my mind, when I am UNDER 200 I'll be "back where I started".

Sometimes I think I'm a little too hard on myself. I've been feeling like I'm not being as strict with my diet as I was when I started all of this. On the other hand, I don't feel like I have to consider each and every thing I put into my mouth, like I once did. I am eating a 15g protein bar for breakfast along with my hot chocolate that has 15g's of protein (if you haven't seen our high protein items at the practice, come check them out- they're amazing). For lunch, I have some rolled up meat/turkey and some cheese or some fruit, or a Lean Cuisine... and for dinner I try to either cook something that has the "Weight Watchers" guidelines or I get something for the family, like the DeLite pizzas that are more health conscious. I'm not snacking. And I am still drinking ONLY water although it's hard to get all of that darned water in. Anyone else struggle with that??

Perhaps creating a new lifestyle is a little like getting a new boyfriend. You have all of the excitement & the romance at the onset but as time goes on... he's just that guy Phil you date. You still love him... value him... but he's not so "NEW!" and "ADORABLE!" as he once was. And that's okay 'cause he's your man & this is my way of living. Does that make sense?

I am being REALLY good about exercise. I am impressed with my ability to keep it up like I have! I am still doing cardio- 6 days a week for an hour a day. I like going to the gym in the mornings. I think it's good for Corbin to play with the other kids there & for me to visit with the grown ups! I'm getting to the point where I realize I am going to have to start doing something new, however. I could jog away on the elliptical for 2 hours if I needed to. The challange is gone... I am thinking about starting some weight training. I don't know why I have this aversion to it but I should at least give it a try & see what happens.

I've been looking for the picture I have attached to this posting and ran across it the other day. I remember this night- it was a dinner event for the Klamath County Medical Alliance and I was one of the people who organized it. I searched and searched for the right outfit, as the theme was Hawiian. I had my hair done. And we had hired a photographer to be there so Eric & I stood proudly for our pictures. When it was printed & I had the time to look it over my comment was "when did I turn in to a perfect sphere?" Eric also had the same impression of himself. This picture was his instant inspiration to start losing weight. It took me a month or so more to get there, but I did. I am no longer a sphere. I'm getting there! I wore my first outfit yesterday that was ALL from the REGULAR SIZED MISSES DEPARTMENT. That is HUGE for me.

It takes time... and, of course, is worth it!

~ Amy

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