Saturday, December 6, 2008

Notice anything different... ?

HELLO friends! I am so excited about the NEW look of my blog! I have to give a HUGE thank you to Nicole Spendlove from LeeLouBlogs ( who has taken my ideas, ramblings,& visions and put them into motion. I hope my friends & family like the new blog as much as I do! You'll notice the "old" posts have a different font- I had to bring them over from my "old" blog so sorry about that! We'll work the bumps out as we go along!

I have to tell you a quick, funny story. I went to a Soroptimist Club luncheon a few days ago & had a WONDERFUL time. I have never attended before & was so surprised to see all of the women I knew, already, who were there. When we sat for lunch, I was next to a woman I had not met before but we quickly struck up a conversation. She was telling me about her grand kids, I was telling her about my own children & how I have been losing weight... Lunch arrived and we had grilled chicken, asparagus, & mashed potatoes. I had to leave the table for a moment & when I came back she whispered into my ear "DON'T eat the potatoes. They are horrible. I have never tasted anything so bad." I thanked her for the advice & at my chicken & asparagus and declined the dessert. (have to brag about that... when have I had that kind of self control??) Soon after, the tables were being bussed & my plate was taken away. My new friend said "those were the most delicious potatoes I have ever eaten in my life~ I just knew YOU didn't need to eat them & if you had tasted them you would have eaten every bite!"

OH the kindness of strangers!!! LOL!! Thanks to all for hanging with the blog~ I'll post again SOON & I am SURE I'm going to have a nice weight loss this week!


Beth said...

Keep at it Amy! Your blog is helping me face my own weight demons. I appreciate your candidness (is that a word?) about this battle. It's helping me face my own weight demons. Thank you for sharing!

Beth Deeds

Nicole said...

What a cute lady that you met at the luncheon! sounds like you had a great time!
I love the before and after pics on your sidebar! You look amazing!!
I'm off to work on your link button now!!