Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Determined. original post 12/03/03

(picture taken by me today while on the treadmill at the gym)

HELLO Internet! Today is Wednesday, December 3rd & this morning I worked out. I also went Monday of this week (I'm bringing you up to speed with my attendance since I've been sick & missed last week.) however I didn't make it to the gym yesterday. I had my WW meeting yesterday & then a hair appointment, some things to do at the practice, and before you know it I was picking Lauren up from school & going to the store to pick up the things I needed for dinner. I typically work out six days a week so don't get alarmed about Tuesday~ I'll make it up on Saturday/Sunday.

I shook things up today by working out on the treadmill. I RAN on the treadmill several times throughout my workout! In the past I have been discouraged about running because I am not yet able to keep the pace for a long period of time & I have to walk/run/walk. I had a "light bulb moment" today, however, and during the chorus of some of my songs, I chose to run. It was fun for me since I know when my favorite parts of the songs are coming on & they also don't last the entire length of the song, just for 30 seconds or so. TOTALLY do-able. My favorite song I ran with today was PUMP IT by the Black Eyed Peas. You know the part on the video where Will-I-Am runs on the chests, in the circle, of the kids in the garage? THAT'S the part I RAN with, get it? And it was actually fun!

As I was running I held on to the bars of the machine. One of the employees came up to me and said "what are you holding on for?" (this is an employee who has lost over 100 pounds so I'm going to listen to anything she shares with me) I told her that running was new to me so I was holding on to make sure I didn't fall. (would be typical of me to go flying off the back) She said "then you should go slower. You wouldn't hold on to something if you were running on the street- you use more muscles when you DON'T hold on to the machine then when you do."

So, tomorrow... LOOK EVERYONE~ NO HANDS!

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