Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OH I could shout it from the ROOFTOPS! original post 10/28/08

HELLO friends! I had an AMAZING day in the world of weight loss. As you may have already realized, I attend Weight Watchers meetings every week. WHY do I do this when I am strictly following my husband's brilliant weight loss plan? For the accountability. And the friendships. And the stickers. I like the "BRAVO" stickers. That, and... I (maybe I need to see a therapist for this one) need this to be MY accomplishment outside of the fact that it's my husband's program. Make sense?
I DO attend the WW meetings... I just follow Eric's diet plan, exercise recommendations, and also take the Phentermine on a daily basis. SO... today was my weigh in day. I knew I was 1.7 pounds from my "10% goal" for WW's- meaning I would get a really cool keychain today. I was fully expecting to hear "GOSH darn it... you only lost 1.5 pounds this week. Maybe you'll get your keychain next week." So I got to the meeting, climbed up on that scale... and you're NOT going to believe this- I lost 6.4 POUNDS this week! WOW! I was stunned. That brought my weight loss to THIRTY THREE POUNDS. So I got the keychain, AND a "25 pound" charm to go on the keychain (you get one each time you lose 25 pounds) AND I got a "5 pound" sticker since I had lost another 5 pounds and then I said "what else do you have to give me?" and she gave me a "Bravo" sticker just because I kick ass. And THEN I announced to the class that I had NOTHING on from the plus sized section and THAT's when I received my applause. Of COURSE I go to Weight Watchers- where else am I going to receive applause for wearing an outfit from Fred Meyers???

I don't know if you can read the text on my picture above so I'll repeat the main point:

Be informed: I have officially moved out of "Woman's World." And I'm LOVING it!

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