Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What can YOU do in 2 months? original post 10/30/08

I realized this evening it's been a while since I decked out in the black shorts & the bright blue tank that I've been wearing to document my weight loss. It's actually been about a month. Now, Internet, YOU have only seen the head shot pics, up to this point. But there's more. So. Much. More. And tonight I'm going to share them with you as long as you promise not to let anyone else see. I can't believe what I've been able to do in two months.

Most people would not share these photographs. Most people would be embarrassed. I am not a person who you would consider "shy." Or "private." Or "tactful." (but that's a whole other blog.) Here's how I see it: it is what it is. I lost control of who I was and disappeared into it. Now I'm resurfacing & it feels good. Someone told me that you don't get a lot of compliments about your weight loss until you've lost about 30 pounds. THEN people notice. And it's true so hang in there! I went to a party last night & one person said "Amy, you are just glowing!" What a nice thing to say!
I think my hair now looks better, too. Can this be a side effect of weight loss? Maybe the change in the circumference of my head size gives me more volume? I'll have to do some research. I'm going to Google that.

One thing about these photos that I keep saying to Eric is that I never realized (I SWEAR this is the truth) that my stomach came out past my chest. When I opened these pics on the computer in August, that really bothered me. I almost had this feeling like "why didn't anyone tell me?" I guess it's because they loved me. : )

And LOOK- I may have a waist, after all! I know I've shared the stats before but I'll share them again. My starting weight on August 25th, 2008 was 238 pounds. Today I weigh 204. (in case you're REALLY paying attention... YES I have lost another pound since my last blog. I went to the gyno today & that's what the scale said so SCORE at the GYNO!!) I am 5'7". The "range" for my goal weight is 135-155- my personal goal is 155. I'll reassess that situation when I get there.

I keep telling myself "it took a long time to put on & it's going to take a long time to take it off." But LOOK at how forgiving our bodies can be! WOW. If I didn't lose another pound, I'd really be all right with that. I feel better. I'm more confident. (that's a scary thought.) I'm excited to see how far I can take this. I'm doing an hour of cardio a day however I am going to start working out with a personal trainer in November. (Nikki at the National Fitness club) It will be interesting to see how weights effect the shape of my body. I am also about to start running on pavement. I want to work towards doing some sort of 5K type run in the spring. I'll keep you posted.

If you're out there- anyone- YOU CAN DO THIS. You just have to get your head around it, first, and your body will follow. And then YOU won't believe what you were able to do.

Trust me.

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