Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shaking it up with the WII! original post 11/13/08

HELLO bloggers! It has been TOO long since I posted here &
things. have. been. going. on.

Let's see... good news or bad news? Is it bad? Not too bad... I had to miss my weekly weigh in last Tuesday (November 4th) because Eric and I were in Bend on business. (one hour of business, 4 hours of SHOPPING.) And I have since learned that I am a person who really, REALLY needs accountability. I didn't *completely* fall off of the wagon. I have kept up with ALL of my exercising and I have not gone totally bananas on my diet however I have not been a saint, either.

Example: The evening of the donut-palooza. Short story is that I was craving a donut and my wonderful husband went to the store and bought me one. Okay, he bought six. And a box of honey buns. So by the end of the evening I ate two donuts, a honey bun... (confessional time, here) and... some mac and cheese. THERE. It's out. Thankfully, my husband AND my friend LISA CARTER (fitness instructor at my gym- for shame) helped me out by eating the rest of the donuts.

***Let this be a warning to you all- eat donuts in my home and I WILL call you out.

I DID attend my weigh in this week and I lost a WHOPPING .2 POUNDS. YES, ladies and gentleman, that would be TWO TENTHS OF A POUND. Am I upset? Not really... I did lose over six pounds at the last weigh in and I didn't GAIN any weight. Just lost a little. POINT TWO to be exact. I have come to realize that, for me, there's something about that 200 pound mark that makes me get lazy and lose focus. It's the time where my friends & family totally notice my weight loss and I get TONS of compliments. And it's where I can buy clothing off-the-rack. Now, they're the size 16's and the XL's but still, it's not "woman's world". (refer to 2 posts ago) However I need to cast my eyes past that 200 mark and start focusing on some new numbers, like 180. And I know I can do it- I just have to get my head around it, first.

So all of this brings us to the good news - - - I am BACK ON IT. I am taking that .2 pound loss and showing it who's boss. I am making sure to drink all of my water, I'm eating my protein bar for breakfast (LOVE those & you can buy them at Aspen Family Medicine & Aesthetics *PLUG*), a light lunch, and cooking healthy dinners. (if you're lucky I'll post the recipe for the black bean soup we had for dinner tonight- YUM!!)

And that's what brings me to the topic of the evening- the Nintendo Wii. (pronounced "we") We have owned the game system for a while and I have never been very interested in it. (flashback to the eighties when my brother & his crappy friends would only let me WATCH them play video games so I never developed a taste for it. All his fault.) Eric's birthday was last week & we decided to buy the Wii FIT which is a game system within the game system that is totally geared for activity & good health. You have a character that you create to look somewhat like you, called a "mii" (pronounced ME). Once I entered my age & height, the Wii weighed me AND gave me my BMI. Then my character appeared on the screen, I heard a little "bloop" noise, and my character totally became fat! Ouch. Here's a pic of my cute yet chubby character: I have set goals within the Wii system for my weight loss, it tracks all of my activity on the game system AND off (you can log your personal activity), and there are lots of FUN games to play. I have been hula hooping, boxing, skiing, doing yoga poses, snow boarding... all KINDS of fun stuff! So if you have $300+ to blow OR if you have a teenager (meaning the Wii is probably already in your house) CHECK IT OUT! It's a lot of fun and even our little Lauren (age 6) is enjoying the games and KICKING OUR BUTT.

Well... if you're still with me, wow. You're really dedicated. And I think I'm done. I'll try to write more frequently so that my posts aren't so stinking long! And THANK YOU to the people who have made comments on here- you don't know how exciting that is to me! Thanks for reading & please feel free to post your own success here- I'd LOVE to hear it!

Have a GREAT weekend & I'll be back soon!

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