Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's my secret? No secrets, here...

I recently posted my measurements and it got me to thinking... I have not shown any new comparison pics, lately so here ya go:
My starting weight was 244 pounds and I am 5'7". Today I weigh 195. I look at the "before" pictures and see someone who was uncomfortable with herself. It's so easy for me to recapture the feelings I had since it was only 4 months ago that I had that body. Looking pretty was important to me but no matter how new the outfit was that I was wearing (usually a 2-3X in size or a 22) or how good my hair looked, I always seemed to be the biggest woman in the room and it hurt.

I'm not petite by any means, at this point, but I'm working hard to get to where I need to be. My goals are realistic. I have lost almost 50 pounds (one pound away from that goal) and will want to lose 35 more, after that. Once I have reached a weight of 155, I'll reassess the situation & decide what to do from there.
People often ask me what I am doing to lose the weight. I'll tell you exactly what I have done:

1) I am very aware of what I am eating every day- especially when I am looking at my protein & carbs. If you watch the protein & carbs, your calories will correct themselves. I try to eat 30g of protein for breakfast (HAVE to eat breakfast), a salad with grilled chicken/Lean Cuisine/something sensible for lunch, and a sensible dinner such as a meat/veggie/small side carb for dinner. I do snack- I'll have a piece of fruit, a small bowl of cereal, or some cheese. I used to drink a LOT of "regular" soda. I only drink water, now. (I do use the Crystal Light flavored packets, though~ I'm still not a good water drinker without them.) If I neeeeeed a soda, I have an occasional root beer only because I just won't go back to drinking Coke or Pepsi & like an alcoholic, I won't take that first drink.

2) SPEAKING OF FOOD - - - I also allow myself to eat whatever I want. (WHAT???) What I mean by that is if I want to go out to a nice Italian restaurant, I do. And if I want to eat a plate of pasta, I will. And if I want to have dessert afterwards, I have it. The key is that I don't eat that way every night- maybe once a week. And if I get the pasta, I leave about half of it on my plate & I don't carry it home. If you sit next to me, I'll probably give you half of my dessert, too! On occasion I eat what I want- I just don't eat the way I used to. In the past when I have tried & failed to lose, it was out of frustration. Eating what I want to keeps me happy as long as I am smart about it.

3) I exercise, on average, 6 days a week. I started out on the treadmill, walking, for about 20 minutes and built my endurance from there. Today I workout on the treadmill or elliptical for an hour, hard, followed by weight training. I also work with a personal trainer twice a week and am trying new classes such as yoga. I am always aware of my heart rate & keep it between 140-160 when working out so that I burn the fat, not the muscle.

4) I take a drug called Phentermine each morning that helps keep my appetite down & gave me a little extra energy when I first started taking it that I used to start my exercise routine. When I tell people I take Phentermine (a prescription medication we offer, when indicated, with our weight loss program) I often get the same response "Ohhhhh... you take a medication." This drives me nuts and I would like to respond: Phentermine does not drive me to the gym. Phentermine does not make my food choices. Phentermine does not keep me motivated. YES~ it did help me when I started although after being on it for 4 months, I don't feel the effects of it like I used to, which is normal. Phentermine has no documented incident of addiction, overdose, or an ER visit due to an adverse reaction. YES I take a prescription weight loss aide daily to help me find better health. Would it be more acceptable if I took a blood pressure medication? Or a pill to lower cholesterol? How about an antidepressant because of my weight problems? I'll pass on those & stick with the Phentermine, healthy foods, & the gym, thanks.
Now you've got all of my secrets! I'm happy & excited about the way things are going. Getting under 200 was hard but now that I'm here I want to get as far away from 200 as I can. I don't want to "hover" around that number. My friends and family are proud of me and I can't keep my husband OFF of me.. (I'm going to get in trouble for typing THAT comment) and, most importantly, I'M impressed with myself. I don't avoid mirrors, anymore. I look forward to shopping for clothing & can shop in the "regular" sizes. I feel like I have a control over my life which has spilled over into other areas that are making me an all-over better person. 6 months ago I thought the only way for me to lose weight was through surgery. Who knew I had it in me all along?


Lyn said...

You look fantastic, Amy! Way to go! The pictures show a huuuuge difference and I am sure you feel so much better now :)

Thanks for your support on my blog this week I needed it. Hope to see you around! I will keep an eye on your progress, very inspiring.

Mamaappah said...

AMY!!! You look great! Good job on saying good bye to 200. I have been at 197 for a week now, so I feel ok about saying it outloud. Thanks for saying that you want to leave 200 behind. I needed to hear that. I have been scared to leave 200, now I think I can join you on that journey. Keep up the hard work, your helping others than just yourself! And the husband funny, and true!