Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a NEW weight... a NEW Weight Watchers plan... a NEW workout with Nikki!

HELLO bloggers! Today was a pretty fun day in my world of weight loss. I went to my WW's meeting & (drum roll please...) in the last week I have lost 5.8 pounds bringing my current weight to (wait for it...) 195! I have mixed feelings when I've lost that much in one week- honestly, I'd rather lose 2-3 pounds a week because a 5.8 loss in one week is a lot to live up to. At this point, my biggest goal is to get A-W-A-Y from the 200 pound mark. I don't want to float around it. I want it BEHIND me. Does that make sense?

Weight Watchers announced a NEW program they have started today called the Momentum Plan. They have combined the 2 point plans (Core and Flex) into the Momentum plan and from what I can tell they are wanting people to use more "filling" foods, now. I translate that into "quit eating rice cakes & low fat bread & start eating more protein." With Dr. Hempel's weight loss plan, I think I've already been doing this. Although I don't know what diet plan out there has the pizza & piece of chocolate on it that I ate today. Sue me.

The other BIG thing that happened today was my FIRST work out session with Nikki! I have to tell you... I really like her. One thing she told me when we met for my assessment was that she has to work really hard to keep her weight off. I tend to look at people like Nikki & think that they are genetically blessed beyond reason but NO - - - Nikki has to work for it, too! Today when we worked out, we did a lot of "core" exercises. She had me use hand weights while balancing with the exercise ball and also work with a few of the weight machines. I appreciated the fact that she made sure I didn't push myself too hard. Nikki said I should not be sore tomorrow & I do think I'll be fine. I was sweating by the end of our session but you know what...? I DID IT! And I'll be back with her again on Thursday~ I'm looking forward to it!

I have taken several pictures today (one is posted with this blog) to document my "before Nikki" body. In a month I'll take more pics so we can all see what changes come after working with a trainer. I am looking forward to this experiment & can't wait to see the results!

Well... I'm off to watch my Tivo'd eposide of The Biggest Loser. I asked Nikki if, by the time we're really into our workouts, she'd stand on my back while I do push ups like Jillian does on that show. She just gave me a sweet smile. I think she'd totally do it. I had better not push her.

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