Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You've Gotta WORK! original post 9/26/08

WELL it has been longer then I thought it would be before returning back to this blog! *blushing* I have been working on my routine and am pretty happy with how things are going. Of course, I had hoped by the time I stepped off of the elliptical at the gym I would look like the toned little chicky that was on the weight machines but THAT didn't happen. The good news is I am now able to stay on the elliptical (with no resistance) for an hour- keeping a hard pace & my heart rate between 140 & 160.THIS is what brings me to the topic I'd like to discuss today... Exercise & heart rate. I do enjoy going to the gym. Being a stay at home mother, I have to look for opportunities to be around other adults. After going to the gym for the last month, I have gotten to know people there. I also NEVER have a hard time striking up a conversation with people. Or a piece of fruit. I'm Southern & we're just like that.I am also a people watcher so being at the gym gives me all kinds of entertainment. But here's one thing I have been seeing almost daily and it really bothers me... Okay, I am an obese woman so if I talk about another person with a weight problem, know that I am NOT judging. And I am THRILLED when I see another person with a weight problem at the gym. I know it's really hard for some people to go to a place like that, they feel vulnerable. (me... not so much. I'm fat. Working on it. It is what it is.) So I see these people who are so heavy. They get on a piece of equipment and start working out and they push themselves WELL beyond what they should be. I mean, people who are running on the treadmill or going SO fast on the elliptical that I could never keep up. And they last... about... three minutes. Then their faces are beet red, they are out of breath, and they get off the machine and either walk out the door or go to one of the weight machines and collapse on the bench. Now, KUDOS for trying but all these people are doing is setting themselves up for failure.HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO BE DOING, PEOPLE!1) find out what your target heart rate is. You can do this by either talking with your physician or you can use this link to calculate the heart rate you should be striving for: when you exercise, either use the heart rate monitors on the machines to track your heart rate OR you can buy one of these guys (you can find these at WalMart in the sporting goods department or online... any type will do & it doesn't have to be an expensive one unless you can find one made by Coach and then please email me): the wrist one is nice so that when you are out for a walk OUTSIDE of the gym, you can still monitor your workout. I also like to wear it so that I can see how high my heart rate goes when the kids drive me nuts and I quietly internalize my frustration.3) When you exercise, work to keep your heart rate within the range you should be in! It is SO important! If you are overworking yourself at the gym, you are doing more harm then good. You are burning your LEAN BODY MASS and making yourself more weak. I'm pretty sure you'd rather be burning fat. Also, you are also going to be sore the next day and vow to never darken those doors again. That's no good! Getting there is 9/10ths of the battle. Don't defeat yourself!Dr. Hempel says we should be working out 4-5 times a week and KEEPING OUR HEART RATE consistently at our targeted rate for at least a half hour per session. And the more frequently you work out, the more you have to shake things up to increase your heart rate because you are... GETTING HEALTHIER and building ENDURANCE! YES YES - - - You are progressing!!! It's pretty cool! (Says the chick who just kicked booty on the elliptical for an hour which would have killed me a month ago.)So if some chubby gal comes up to you in the gym and casually strikes up a conversation about targeting your heart rate, don't yell at me. I'm only trying to help out. And speaking of helping out... I'm going to get back on here this afternoon & post my work out play list from my iPod. It's hard to come up with a list of good workout music & this one is really working for me.Have a GREAT workout & watch that heart rate!!

last weigh in was 9/23 & I was 219. (down 18 pounds!!)

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