Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Music to MOVE with! original post 9/27/08

HELLO, Internet. I'm going to use this post to list the current music I work out to on my iPod. I am not a "MUSIC" person. My husband... has over 200 songs on his iPod and regularly audits what is on there to only keep what he "currently enjoys listening to". Over 200 songs. I, on the other hand, just bought my second iPod only because the first one was one of those clippy ones & I lost it. My new iPod has a whopping 27 songs on it and is only used when I work out. Eric has to have his iPod EVERYWHERE with him. He even sleeps with his headphones on. How does anyone sleep listening to Blink 182 or Rage Against the Machine? Really?I am so out of touch with current music. Quiz me on what star is sleeping with who & I'll get an A+. I check and at least three (20+) times a day. However, I am lost when it comes to who the hot musicians are. I tried to watch the MTV music awards last month and was slapped in the face with the realization that I am officially out of touch with what is cool. My mouth was agape at the pants one particular rapper which were SO low and his underwear covered (thankfully) butt was completely hanging out of the back. WHY would someone want to look like that??? So, ladies and gentlemen, with my experience I would assess that 36 is the official "I'm too old for this crap" age where you quit seeing the talent in rappers and start watching CNN. Depressing, but it is what it is & right now I'd rather know what's going on with the economy & presidential campaigns. I am the Crypt Keeper.I digress. So here's what I have pulled together as my current cardio play list. You can download CLEAN versions of these songs on iTunes (which I have done).

Hey Ya! / Outkast
U + Ur Hand / Pink (hated her 10 years ago & now I think she's a genius)
So What / Pink
When I Grow Up / The Pussycat Dolls (I haven't decided if this one will get to stay- they are so trashy to me...)
Disturbia / Rihanna (one of the BEST beats to have in your ears when on the elliptical)
Baby Got Back / Sir Mix A Lot (total high school flashback.)
Calabria 2007 / Enur ( I know you're all... "who??" but check it out- SO funky/good and even on a Target commercial!)
Feel Good Inc. / Gorillaz
Mambo No. 5 / Lou Bega
I Miss You / Blink 182
Gold Digger / Kanye West & Jamie Foxx (Kanye. Is. Amazing. and this song is FUN)
4 Minutes / Madonna (this one may come off of my list... I don't think it has the beat I need)
Viva la Vida / Coldplay (I think I love this song more each time I play it)
Fergalicious / Fergie (she & I have a lot in common since we're both "up in the gym just working on our fitness.")
Wind it Up / Gwen Stefani
Merry Happy / Kate Nash (another one you have not heard of- trust me & give it alisten. There are 2 versions of this song & I prefer the faster one)
Hey There Delilah / Plain White T's (shouldn't be on this list but I enjoy the song & there's something in there that keeps my speed going so I'll let it be for now)
When You Were Young / The Killers
I Don't Want to be in Love / Good Charlotte (LOVE this song!)
Would I Lie to You? / Eurythemics (TRY to sit still while you listen to this song. Not possible.)Bonified Lovin' / Chromeo (unfamiliar? Probably. But listen to it one time & then email me and tell me how awesome it is.)
My Humps / Fergie (Oh, Fergie. I need to have your body.)
Jump Around / House of Pain
Soul Meets Body / Death Cab for Cutie
You Spin Me Round / Dead or Alive (Heard this one in a while? 1985, people. I had big AquaNet hair, was wearing mini skirts, & cat glasses and I thought I was a Southern Molly Ringwald.)Piece of Me / Brittney Spears (even in her deepest psychotic state she cranked this song out. Now, that's talent.)
Gonna Make You Sweat / C&C Music Factory

AND THAT'S IT! If you have a favorite GET YOUR BUTT MOVING song, please post it on here! I love to hear what works for other people. Have a GREAT workout!

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