Wednesday, December 3, 2008

OFFICIALLY 20 pounds down, baby! original post 9/30/08

*this pic was taken on 9/22 - next pic will be taken on October 6th

So I went to my Weight Watcher's meeting, today. Why do I go to Weight Watchers when I have our program to follow and I LIVE with the doctor? Well... I like the meetings. And I like the accountability. And I like being around other adults who have the same interests. It works for me, this way!

Eric & I went to Tampa this last week for a bariatric weight conference. I have been so afraid of going on a vacation (okay... real fun vacation. But at this point, I'll take what I can get.) and leaving the comfort of my routines at home. It's scary to go where there is no freezer full of Lean Cuisines and no grill for my meat/veggie dinner I make most nights. So in order to ensure that I was successful, I made an announcement at my last WW's meeting that "I'm going on vacation and will come back with a weight loss." Nothing spells inspiration like 40+ people looking at you when you declare a success that may or may not happen. Right?

So we went to Tampa. We ate out every night. HOWEVER- I made some good choices! We did have ONE "there are no rules" dinner at the Burns Steakhouse. And I have no regrets. AMAZING food. I even had REGULAR soda and dessert. Yup. I told Eric the only thing that was disappointing about that meal was there was not a basket full of yeasty rolls with a plate of butter next to it. Other then that, it was perfection. We chose to make good selections at the other restaurants we went to. I had a wonderful sea bass at one place. And we had several different meats and a veggie plate at another one. We also worked out, for an hour, each day while we were there. And for our other meals, I would eat a protein bar for breakfast, a salad (with meat- dressing on the side) for lunch and then out on the town for dinner.

One night when I was in the workout room, this HOT chick came in to work out. She was petite, toned, hair flowing down her back... beautiful. That afternoon I saw her in the spa (I AM trying to vacation at a bariatric conference so I had to have some fun, somewhere) and I said "I tried to stay on that elliptical until I could step off looking like you but it didn't work!" and she told me how she had lost 40 pounds recently. She was another physician attending the conference and the next words she said to me will resignate in my mind for many future trips to the gym... She said "you're endurance on the elliptical is amazing- you're going to make it." Sometimes what we need the most is the confidence that others see in us.

So YES I was able to get back from vacation, hold my head up at my WW's meeting, and declare "for those of you who remember my promise of leaving town AND losing weight last week- I'm only saying this because if I don't you'll assume I gained... so... I lost 1.2 pounds!" and I received applause. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why I enjoy going to Weight Watchers along with our weight loss program. The applause. And if I can eat all of the things I did in Florida and still lose 1.2 pounds~ I can't WAIT to see what I am capeable of this coming Tuesday!

Have a great week!!


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