Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tomorrow I'm running for Stephanie.

Have you ever heard of her?

She wasn't on my radar until last fall when I heard about the accident. I was watching the Today show one morning & the story came on about this mother... this blogger... who had been in a small plane crash along with her beloved husband. Her siblings were on the Today show, talking about the support NieNie (Stephanie) had received from her Internet friends after the crash along with the money that had been raised to help with medical costs. Stephanie's sisters also talked about how they had brought the Nielson's four children into their own families until the parents were able to take the kids back home. The story peaked my interest. I am LDS and so is she. I'm also a mother. The story was touching so I Google'd it.

But let me tell you- the lesson I learned from the NieNie Dialogues
was not about enduring a plane crash.

Mrs. Nielson puts her entire heart and soul into the simplicity of life, her children, and her husband, Mr. Nielson. It's about priorities. Her blog is about love. She is the kind of mother I aspire to be. I'm sitting in this chair reading, from her perspective, about her children and the joy she finds in simply observing their lives... I almost feel like an intruder as I read the words she has written about her husband and how passionate she is about their love and marriage.

Her first priority is Mr. Nielson, the children, and their home. The pictures of their family are exquisite and it's not only that they are beautiful people- she is completely radiant about her life.

And then my mind is brought to the present. This woman had burns over 80% of her body. They had to use some of the remaining tissue to rebuild her nose and ears. She has started blogging again this week and has shared some of her new reality. It includes medications, constant pain, toilet risers... And amid all of the newness this accident has brought into her life, some things have not changed at all. She is completely and romantically in love with Mr. Nielson, her children, and enjoying the beauty that is her life.

I don't hurt. I have a strong body, an amazing husband, and two fantastic children. There are no excuses. I am blessed beyond reason. So tomorrow I am going to run. And as I run I will think about the Nielsons, I will think about my own family, and I will consider my life. I am going to look for the beauty that I have been too busy to stop and appreciate. And, if you don't mind, I may share a little something with you, here, from time to time. Instead of being critical of myself or whining about my cravings, I am going to engage the strength I have to see what I am capable of. I am more then this.

If you have time, do take a look at The Nienie Dialogues. And when you do, I hope you find the message there that I did. Or maybe you'll find something even better. If that happens, please come back here & share~


carla said...


Im off to click and read.


Dina said...

I just came across a link to her blog a few days ago. Very moving.

Ella in an Elephant Costume said...

Wow...this is very moving. I am at my desk almost crying! Stories like this really put our lives in perspective, you know?

Me, Only Better said...

I too have been following her story and it is remarkable.

Yes - we have much to be grateful for!

MParrish said...

it never amazes me how God/which ever higher being a person believes in speaks to us in the most un-anticipated ways. Just two days ago I was laying on the couch complaining to Troy about my aches/pains/studying/laundry/dishes/life, etc. etc. But I did end my little pity party by saying well in prospective, we all have friends who are majorly struggling right now.

I checked out NieNie's the archives...what a reminder to give it your best always and be thankful! Thanks for pointing it out to me, what a joy it was to read!

Sheri said...

I am starting the program at Aspen family medicine and an very excited. They cant fit me in until Febuary 13. But I am looking forward to feeling better and looking better too. Amy you look great.

J~Mom said...

I have been following their story since August. It's so moving and you are right the lessons are amazing!

Nicole said...

Loved that post. I had read Nienie before but I had no idea that SHE was back. I read her blog last night and was in tears. I can't even imagine all that she has been through and the attitude she has just amazes me. It is very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have just visited her blog and am in tears. what a beautiful family. Makes you realize you shouldn't sweat the small stuff doesn't it? The family is in my prayers.

antgirl said...

Thanks for sharing. It's always great to remind ourselves of what is really important.

kerrijane said...

So, a few days ago I read your posting and I quickly become a fan of Nie Nie. I've read her blog up 'till now and clicked there several times to see if there is anything new. Today, her blog has been removed. I know it's weird, but I'm worried! Has something happened? Does anyone know?