Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Fred gained it all back."

HELLO Bloggers! Sometimes life gets crazy-busy, doesn't? So let's see.. what have we been up to since I was last on here?

1) We thought we had bought a new building for our practice. And we planned things for it, and we met with contractors (Eric) and interior designers (Amy), and then we lost the building. Eh. What are you gonna do? Aspen Family Medicine & Aesthetics is not homeless, right? I keep telling Dr. Hempel we need to get one of those portable coffee buildings & create the first "Doc in a Box" clinic but he just doesn't have my vision.

2) We're installing a new electronic medical records system into our practice. This means there's a lot of technical decisions being made & expensive electronic things being bought. While I know little to nothing about things such as "client-servers," or "sonicwall routers" or what the heck a "VPN tunnel" is, I do know how stressed my husband looks and that this is going to be a nightmare-ish, complicated project.

3) THE PARTY. We are having an aesthetics party at our practice in March. (if you're a local & would like to come, call the practice to get the details!) Because I am who I am, I am unable to find the "easy" way to do things. I had to hand make the 600 invitations. And each invitation was three layers. And they had a ribbon wrapped around the three layers. And a little Swarovski crystal adhered to the logo. And 400 of the envelopes were lined. By me. (I didn't order enough paper to line all of them.) When I took the invites to the post office, I felt like I was setting a crate of doves free - - - FLY little invites, FLY!

...'till they started coming back from the post office, due to insufficient postage. The ribbon had a knot. The postal sorter did not care for the knot. So far only about 30ish have come back. And one person did call the practice to tell us the "invite was beautiful but I thought you should know I had to pay $.20 to receive it." *sigh*

Which brings me to issue #4) Sissy. The dog had to have an emergency surgery. On her butt. I'll spare you the details. I will tell you that I could have bought a BRAND NEW Boston Terrier with the money I paid to fix her "Nether-region" but since I love her I repaired her & she's doing much better.

Still wondering about the title - - "Fred gained it all back"? There was a person I knew well and who, like me, had worked really hard to lose a lot of weight and had initially been an inspiration to me. I have not seen this person (let's call this person Fred) in a while and I recently spoke to someone who knows Fred. I asked how he was doing & was told "Fred gained it all back." These words really hit me. FRED? Really?? I've carried these words with me ever since I heard them. And I realized at that moment that I don't want anyone... ANYONE... to ever be able to say that about me. I am finding the hardest thing about losing weight is keeping my head around it. The exercise I can do- I just struggle with the things that I am putting in my mouth. I have become very skilled at being able to JUSTIFY having "treats" every day. (there. I said it.) I think to myself "I worked my a$$ off at the gym this morning so big deal if I want to have a handful of Hershey's Kisses. Well, it is a big deal. I gained a pound last week & am sure I gained another weight gain this week, too. So here's to getting my head back around my goals.

I don't have a tattoo on my body- have never wanted to have one. However, today, if I had to get a tattoo, it would be somewhere on my hand where I would see it whenever I was having something to eat. And it would say "Fred gained it all back" as a constant reminder that even the mightiest can fall. Fred did and I don't want to join that club. Now, please keep Sissy's butt in your thoughts. XO~


CJ said...

Wow, sounds like your life is a little crazy right now. That's when I trip myself up, because crazy keeps you busy and busy leaves you unprepared and unprepared, well, let's little treats become an everyday treat and so on and so on... Don't give up and just get your "head wrapped around it" again. You can do it. Just look at those pictures. You are doing great! Hang in there!

Oh, and a little prayer for Sassy too! I have a pug and she has some issues there as well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Sissy! Sorry about the doves... it'll all work out. You could have a little basket at the door full of dimes so when people walk in they can grab their $.20 back! Just a thought... maybe... maybe not?!?
You can do it, keep going to the gym and stick to the good foods... no Fred for you. Besides, you just don't look like a Fred.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Fred story. It is a great reminder. I have known many Freds; heck I have BEEN Fred more times than I can count. I want one of those tattoos too.

Caroline said...

This really resonated with me today. I have had all kinds of reasons lately to "treat" myself, all kinds of excuses, reasons why I "deserve"... whatever. I need to rally and remember to focus on my goal, which is not here today, yet. Thanks so much for sharing this.

antgirl said...

I have been Fred before, too. Not this time. :-)

Your life sounds hectic! Sorry to hear your dog got sick, but glad she's doing better.

MParrish said...

sissy's butt is in my thoughts. somehow that sounds very sick and wrong....thanks, amy.

if i hear one peep from you about other obligations on thursday night, i will hunt you down and tie your toyota minivan to my toyota prius and drag you all the way to the gym.

The Duckworth Family said...

Yes, you are pretty much nuts...although I'm sure the invites were cute....not worth it girl! Keep working hard though, it will continue to pay off. Love the tatoo comment! Good luck!

Tiffany said...

Wow! That title really makes you think! I just found your blog and love your story. Keep up the good work.

fatty McButter Pants said...

I just found your blog and I am very impressed. I can see where Fred gaining back all his weight would freak you out. I would too. It was a great reminder that, but for the grace of God, and alot of hard work, there I am. Hope you feel better.