Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LOOK AT ME~ I'm all blogging again... TWO days in a row...

WOOO HOO! I won my VERY FIRST blogger award! THANK YOU to my friend Ashley who has the blog called the Opposite of Thin for mentioning me as one of HER favorite blogs!
Okay. Here's the rules: I have to mention seven things that I love and then pass this award along to seven other bloggers. This could make my brain hurt but I'll give it a go:
1) I love it when my two year old sleeps in so late that I wonder if I need to call 9-1-1 before entering the room.
2) I love my light blue cotton-y knit bed sheets when I sleep on them the first night I put them on. Second night... they're too stretched out.
3) I love my red and white striped Hanna Andersson knit pajama set. They fit nice and snug like something you'd put on a three year old and they make me feel cozy.
4) I love my Boston Terrier and all of the unique sounds her body makes including the snoring, snorting, heavy breathing, and occasional gas as she stretches.
5) I love mail. Especially junk mail. I take it inside, casually thumb through it, and toss it all in the garbage.
6) I love and adore my children. When they are asleep.
7) I love Ikea. With a passion.
WOW! That was hard. Okay... now the easy part~ seven blogs I love and would like to share this award with: You have to be "in a mood" to get this site but it is "peeing in your pants" funny. This little gal is a quick fun read & I like her style! The photography, commentary, humor, simplicity, recipes, and GIVEAWAYS. Just some of the reasons I love this blog. This blog reminds me how blessed I am, how resilient we can be, and how precious my children really are. Sister of the above blogger~ this blog also has some insightful perspective on life & mommy-hood. Only because I thought I was the "meanest mom" but I guess this blogger beat me to it.

and I can't NOT have a weight loss blog on here so THIS one is my favorite: I mean... who loses 200 pounds in a year without having weight loss surgery or a divorce? Seriously. And this guy MEANS BUSINESS with his dieting and exercise! I need to take note...

That's it for today, Internet! I'm off to the hot tub with Dr. Hempel! (man am I a lucky woman!!!) I did work out today~ 40 minutes on the elliptical and I only ate 1/2 of that donut I had. I fed the other half to baby Corbin. I'm not perfect. See you SOON, Internet!


Mamaappah said...

You have amazing will power Amy, I cannot remember the last time I ever ate half a donut. Maybe never, glad to see your doing good!

Bunny Trails said...

Deserved award!!

Oh yeah, I'm impressed! 1/2 a donut?! I don't think I have EVER eaten only 1/2 a donut - unless it was like the 2nd or 3rd. Kudos on the willpower!

By the way, we noticed the hot tub comment and we are JEALOUS!! :)