Thursday, March 26, 2009

WHAT??? Three days in a row??? LOOK OUT- she's on a ROLL!

Today is Thursday, the fourth day of Lauren's SPRING BREAK. The SPRING BREAK where she's been sick, running fevers, napping in bed, NOT speaking (typically, this kid talks so much it makes your ears bleed), and eating ice cream out of a "sore-throat necessity."

Because she is feeling better today, we had some making up to do. My friend Leslie and I took THESE TWO YEA-HOOS (see picture to the left) over to Medford with a couple of other Tweener Yea-Hoos (Leslie's other offspring) for a day of shopping, Olive Garden, and miniature golf.

Hard to believe, I know, but for some reason I couldn't get my six-year-old Lauren to focus when she was hitting the golf balls. (that's my girl's feet, there to the right, standing in the asphalt "sand pit.") And I was quite impressed when her little buddy, Katie, made not one but TWO hole-in-ones!

(I have to add that Katie is seven which makes her light years ahead of Lauren in maturity and golf skills.)

S-L-O-W-L-Y but surely, my baby girl is turning into a big girl. I enjoyed WATCHING her command the bumper boat today and taking her pictures as opposed to my usual position of having to ride IN the boat with her and acting as a human sponge for all of the water she attracts to the inside of the vessel. Ironically, Lauren was the one kid out of four who came out of the boat dry. Completely dry. The others were... soaked.

(I believe the water gun on the front of Lauren's boat had something to do with it.)

I didn't work out today. We had lunch at the Olive Garden where I had soup, salad, and a couple of breadsticks. (okay. Three breadsticks.) I did walk inside of the mall. At a normal pace. I took the stairs when going from the lower level to the upper level. I didn't rent a golf cart for the miniature greens. I did, however, have a Slurpee and some M&M's....

I wish I could be your weight loss hero today, but I'm not.

Instead, I took it easy and chilled out with the girls.
And I've taken one more step towards my position as PRO on the Miniature Golf Circuit.


Me, Only Better said...

Not a weight loss hero, but a mommy-hero! And personally I think that wins anyday (=

Tracy in Oregon said...

You're always my weight loss hero--and you look fantastic! So good to have you back amongst the bloggers. We missed you!

CJ said...

Sometimes you have to change hats. Being the mommy-hero is even more important!