Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things are good!

HELLO Bloggies! I hope your week is going well! I went to my "meeting" today & it has now been announced that I am going to be a "meeting" leader! It was such a wonderful feeling when the news was announced to the group- the whole room erupted in applause! I weighed in today & somehow, by the grace of God, I have lost eight-tenths of a pound. I have not weighed in for two weeks because Lauren was sick last Tuesday and she was also on spring break. So coming in today was a little intimidating for me and honestly, I expected to hear that I had gained seven pounds or something horrible like that... I'll take that little "eight-tenths of a pound"miracle and run with it! This brings my current weight to an even 190. If you've been paying attention, YES THIS MEANS I'VE BEEN BACK IN THE 190's. But not for long. Things are a'changing. I'm SO excited about my new goals... My new responsibilities... and what the next few months will bring!

Other then that... Here's me and my boy in our striped pajamas. He gets SO excited when we both happen to be wearing our stripes at the same time. And somehow, the magic of wearing the PJ's simultaneously makes him about 15% more cuddly. Thought I'd share the moment! 


Perry said...

I need some of those PJ's!!!! Too cute! Where did you get them? They would look SO cool with my Goofy (the Disney character!) slippers....I'm thinking my 12 yr old daughter won't go for them - but it's worth a try!!

So excited for you Amy - you'll make a great leader!

Laurens_Closet said...

Thanks for the comment about the PJ's! They are from Hanna Andersson and SOOOOOO comfy! And embarrass the 12 year old.... isn't that what 12YO's are for??