Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finding a place... outside of the box

HELLO Bloggers! ... or what's left of you... I've been blogging so infrequently that I'm afraid I've lost a few of my friends. So if you're still with me~ THANKS! And hopefully I'll get some of my blogging buddies to stop back by again, soon.

This morning after dropping Lauren off at school, I came home & started getting my workout clothing on. Typically I drop Lauren off & head straight to the gym however this morning I was running behind & had to return home to get dressed. I grabbed my water bottle & looked over to see Corbin laying on the floor playing with Sissy. I thought "it's now warm outside~ is it possible for me to get the exercise I need WITHOUT going to the gym? What would I possibly do with Corbin?" Then a lightbulb came and I said "CORBIN! SISSY! Do you want to go for a walk??" They immediately sprang to their feet & Corbin ran to get his shoes. I grabbed the wagon, threw a blanket inside of it, and loaded up the two of them and away we went. At first I thought I'd just circle the neighborhood a couple of times. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning. As I ended my first lap & was heading back towards my starting point I thought about all of the times I had considered WALKING Lauren to school. I wanted to do it but never knew how long it would take us to get there - - - LET'S WALK TOWARDS THE SCHOOL! Now I know... 15 minutes to school. Then I looked at my watch & remembered I had a hair appointment. Corbin needed to get to his sitter's house... Could I WALK to the sitter's home?? I called her & made sure that she would drive me home in case I got there & couldn't go any further... and off we went! I kept up a good pace & was pulling about 55 pounds behind me the entire time & got to Kris's house in another 15 minutes. Not bad! After sitting for a moment & getting a drink of water, I tossed Sissy back into the wagon, kissed Corbin goodbye, and headed for home. On my own two feet. 

The best part about my experiment today? I was able to spend some time with Corbin. And no television. Or Internet (no offense). I was, for the most part, alone with my thoughts. And 
my dog.

If you have a toddler, a wagon, and a Boston Terrier- give it a try! And we're WALKING to school on Friday- I can't wait! 


carla said...

YAY :) Youre back checking in with us.
I, too, am so so so glad it is finally spring!

Time to play outside and call it exercise.


Joy said...

We (me and the kids) spend the most time together chatting when we're walking. We do around 3 miles a day.

Probably going to be some of the fondest memories I have, our happy walks =)

fatty McButter Pants said...

How nice for you. Glad you are back. You look even thinner in this pic. I am sure your kids are thrilled with your plan!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. You look great!

Walking with the kids... something I can't do as much of now that the kids are 15. They want to go do their own thing. They also walk every day, but the twins take that time to connect with each other, and mom definitely isn't welcome!

I've been doing a lot of my walking on the treadmill, but these days I'm really wishing I had a dog to keep me company on some of the trails around my house. I can look out my back yard and see a hiking/running/biking trail that goes for miles along the foothill (it's actually only a few yards from my back fence!) and I never take it because I feel so darn vulnerable walking alone.

The only time I've ever walked it was to go to the library a few weeks ago.

Linda said...

I've been doing a ton of walking in this nice weather too! It's surprising what we can do and how quickly we can do it but that we've never done it before!

antgirl said...

Great that you can see the pay off from all your work. Being outside is great when it's nice. :) Makes me feel all ... energetic.

Andrea said...

Hi there! I just had to tell you that you look really good in your picture! You're doing so good!

suzanne said...

April Appah and I hike every morning. I say hike because it sounds harder and we really do get up in the mountains most days. Either behind her house or up here on my mountain. It's usually about a 3 miler! You are welcome to join us. We start at 6am sharp!

Julie said...

You are Awesome! This blog is fantastic! I'm going to link it on mine so I can follow. I'm so proud of you!! XX Shuga shuga.