Thursday, April 16, 2009

Modifying your fitness plan

It can be hard to find the time to be a mother, a "meeting leader", a business owner, a cook, a laundry service, a driver, an event coordinator, a housekeeper, a yard maintenance worker, a dog groomer, a marketer......
and a blog owner.

Today we are sitting in a conference for Epionce, the skin care line we carry at our office. Since I have attention deficit disorder, I have been sitting here emailing friends, taking pictures of our little group... and then I thought "OH! I can BLOG!!"(enjoy the pics from our conference- I impress myself with my ability to take such amazing, artistic pictures when I am armed with only my Blackberry camera.)
If you're familiar with our practice, you'll recognize Leah & Treeva from our office. (glad someone's paying attention to the lectures, here...)

Teaching a class each week has been so much fun & not only am I sharing information, but I'm learning SO much. This week we discussed the challenges of starting new habits- such as exercise. I'm really REALLY enjoying the exercise routine I have been doing and am excited to see warm weather coming so that I can move it OUTSIDE. I find myself running from the car to the door when I'm at the grocery store or sprinting from the door to the mailbox, testing the impact of my running shoe on the pavement. The gym is incredibly convenient when it comes to child care while I am exercising. Running outside means I am going to have to be more creative with my time... I may have to get up earlier in the morning (*gasp*) and exercise before Eric goes to work.

I believe that it is critically important to continually to modify your fitness plan as you are losing weight. BECAUSE: 1) you don't want to get bored. 2) you need to challenge yourself and 3) if you do the same thing the same way ALL of the time, you are only going to strengthen and tone certain areas of your body. If you shake things up, you'll work new muscle areas and look more amazing in a bathing suit. With a sarong. A sheer sarong. Isn't that why we're here?

Okay. I need to get my head back into this conference. There's a lot of AMAZING information here! And with all of the responsibilities I have, the most important one is keeping Dr. Hempel on his toes.
And I'm good at my job.


Ashlyn*Marie said...

Eric looks like he is about to shoot you.

I am however glad you guys are having a good time!

suzanne said...

Can't wait to see/hear all about the kitchen re-model! Good luck with the purchases!

Lisa411 said...

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