Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting back to what works.

"I'm too fat to blog."

At least that's what I said when Eric reminded me that it's been a while since I've blogged. And he's right, but what am I going to say? "Well... I ate total crap today..." or how about "I've been to the gym TWICE this week! WOO HOO!!!" It's hard. Staying on top of this is hard work. I've gained about 10 pounds- at least that's what the scale said when I was on it about 2 weeks ago. (again, with the hiding.) 

Am I giving up? HELL NO. I'm restructuring. There was a time that I was painfully aware of everything I was eating. There was a time when I was disappointed with myself if I didn't get to the gym FIVE days a week. There was a time I was EXCITED about weight loss. There was a time I had my head around what I needed to do. THAT is what I am getting back to.

Did Dr. Hempel fail me? (are you kidding me...?) No. Did Weight Watchers fail me? Nope. Was it my kitchen remodel and car accident? I like those excuses but, no... I just got my head out of the game and went back to some old habits. And that's all right- I'm human.

So here's the deal: I'll forgive myself and move forward if you agree to do the same. As I've been on this journey, I've said the same thing more then once~ it is what it is. And the best part of this is that I'm not starting over at 244 pounds. At least I don't think I am... ; ) 

I am going to blog again, tomorrow, with my CURRENT WEIGHT. It's time to get real, again, and back to what has worked in the past. And that would be 1) eating correctly and strategically 2) exercise and 3) accountability. I have things coming up that I need to look good for and I need to keep that in mind, right? It's only the beginning of June... I have a LOT of bathing suit time left for the summer of 2009. We're going to Disneyland in the beginning of October, for goodness sake. 

I'll be back tomorrow~ pinky swear. If I'm not back on here tomorrow with my CURRENT weight, it's free Botox for all of you.


fatty McButter Pants said...

You've got your MOJO back. Congrats...I will be waiting to hear from you TOMORROW!

Mamaappah said...

If you don't blog, I'm cashing in on that free botox. Don't know where I'll put it, but I'll put it somewhere. Hear from you Tuesday.

Tracy in Oregon said...

I kept my big mouth shut this time and waited patiently for your next post--so glad you're back and just as gorgeous and funny as ever! This is the first time EVER though that I hope you don't post--I NEED that botox!!

Anonymous said...

i am happy to see a few new blogs! and even though you don't feel like you're doing much, you've been inspiring MY thoughts about my upcoming weight loss venture! i'm excited


moik said...

Say if you need a goal there is an awesome marathon Oct 11 in Susanville. Are you up for that? there is actually enough time to train. They have a full, which I am doing, and also a 1/2 marathon. It is on a trail so the course basically stays open forever if you need to walk or crawl it.

Really, consider it.