Wednesday, July 29, 2009

As I sit here eating breakfast...

HELLO Bloggers! Ahhhhhh..... BREAKFAST. The most important meal of the day. I read a quote today that said "A woman is as old as she looks before breakfast." Okay. I'll agree with that one (she says as she straightens her back and smooths her hair...)

Unfortunately, breakfast is also the EASIEST meal to skip. And people also seem to think if they skip breakfast, they are helping themselves lose weight since they are taking in less calories. IT'S THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Researchers have found that "forgoing the first meal of the day actually tricks your brain into thinking you want higher-calorie foods -- foods that can make you fat, or at least increase your risk for weight gain." -Kelli Miller Stacy, WebMD Health News
Many times, I have referred to the
food we eat as the fuel we put into our vehicles. You wouldn't start a trip on an empty tank, right? Think about this: you go to bed a 11PM, sleep all night, skip breakfast, don't eat again until lunch time. That's over TWELVE HOURS that you are powering your amazing body on NOTHING. THEN your body says "she's
STARVING us - - reserve all of the fat you can and burn NOTHING." Meaning... your metabolism has sllloooooowwwwweddddd down. And a slow metabolism is not going to help you get back into those size 10 jeans.
With Dr. Hempel's medical weight loss program, higher protein foods are recommended. There are SO many wonderful options out there- I just ran to my pantry and easily pulled out a few. Eggs have 6g of protein, each. There's 13g of protein in just TWO ounces of tuna fish. Light yogurt has 5g of protein per serving. And, my favorite, the protein bars we sell at Aspen have 15g of protein per bar and taste like a TREAT! A single serving of non-fat cottage cheese has 16g of protein... (I had no idea- Googled that one...)
You don't always have to eat "breakfast foods" for breakfast, either. We had grilled pork chops for dinner last night which could have been a delicious treat for breakfast, this morning. Think outside of the box, make a healthy decision, and find what works for YOU!

Now... off to the lake...


Anonymous said...

Oh I tried that old "don't eat when you first wake up, wait until you're hungry" deal last week and it DID NOT go down well. I make sure to get in a high protein breakfast and always find my eating days goes much better.

Great post and have fun at the lake!

PS - Am linking to you tonight re: your post on Mrs. Meyer's - thanks so much for that hint, I just love it!

The Duckworth Family said...

lol, that's funny about thinking oustide the box because just last week I finshed up our chicken leftovers for breakfast! I'm not ready to blog my after birth journey yet, but had to update you. If it means anything (cause it could just still be continuing loss of water weight) but I am 5 pounds less than my lowest pregnancy weight (which is less than my pre-pregnancy weight!) My goal was 10 pounds before September 18th....I can make that for sure now so I think I might up my goal! i"m just SOOOO happy I didn't give up during my pregnancy. I feel soo good about the way I look (as good as you can feel when you weigh over 200 pounds!). Anyway just wanted to give you an update. Thanks for all the great advice and encouragmenet on this blog!

cmoursler said...

wow, I am glad your are updating your blog. Hope you are still moving forward with your weight loss.