Saturday, December 19, 2009

What is it going to take?

"Success will come when the pain of staying the same is
greater than the pain of change."

Take THAT quote in. I wish I could tell you who said it. I didn't. But isn't it one of those quotes that smacks you in the butt? If you didn't feel the smack, go back and read it again... slowly.

Where have I been? I'm around, hanging on. 2010 is coming soon, ladies and gentlemen. Do you have your goals laid out? Are you ready to make the change? Or are you comfortable in the skin you're in? (I'm not.)

2010. Let's have a fresh start... I'm baaaaacccckkkkkkkkk....................


Me, Only Better said...

That is a great quote! I am definitely not comfortable in the skin I am in!

I am glad you are back! You look beautiful!

Laurens_Closet said...

THANKS so much! I never totally QUIT... just went on a mental haitus for a while. But I need to be better with the blog AND with my workouts!! I think things have become too social for me at the gym. I need to put my iPod on, tune out, shut up, and SWEAT. (maybe I should blog about this, soon...!)

Laurens_Closet said...
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Mamaappah said...

I'm glad your coming back to the blogging world. I need your inspiration. Can't wait to read you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy! I've missed your blogging so much...and truth be told - I'm in the same spot...looking for your inspiration, humor, and strength in an example and role model that I can follow :) We can all get there by getting back to what we did before to get where we are (or got before?) does that make sense :)
I am less worried about the weight number now but the size pants increasing I don't much like! Besides the energy level dropping too - exercising with a passion and sweat gets me to that good place I need to be!