Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 18: Sometimes it's hard to get OUT there...

(one of the views from Klamath Lake, this evening... I can't believe how beautiful my home is.) 

HELLO, Internet! Today was such a hodge-podge... where do I begin? Lauren had golf lessons at Reames so we headed out there. You may recall that I recently found I L-O-V-E to fast-walk the cart paths with my kids while they ride along on their bikes. And I loved getting my own exercise on the cart paths, fast walking while Lauren was taking her golf lesson... Sadly, I have since found out that GOLFERS DISLIKE ANYONE ON THEIR CART PATHS. It's a DAN-GER-OUS place where children, who are wearing bike helmets, could get... killed... And any time I step foot on the cart path, I had golfers REMINDING ME that it's NOT SAFE to have CHILDREN out there. (even though it's not against the rules...) Personally, I feel if the golf course is SO treacherous, EVERYONE should be required to wear helmets and body armour. Perhaps we should wrap the entire course with yellow tape, surround it with safety cones, and open a emergency triage area for any GOLF BALL INCIDENTS. Oh... I digress.... Getting back to my day... where was I?

AH! So Lauren had her lesson today. I dropped Corbin off at the sitter's house & off we went. I didn't know WHAT to do... Yes, Reames has an exercise room but it's... lonely... I like to WATCH THINGS. And VISIT... or have something to LOOK AT and be STIMULATED by. So I opted to take an "oh-screw-it" attitude & I went to walk/run the path. From what I could tell, I only pissed off one golfer who was waiting to tee off... I RAN to get out of his way and apologized as I went by & he replied "there's a fitness room inside." Thanks. Then, as I continued my walk, I was ULTRA-paranoid... looking for golfers who were to be avoided AT ALL COSTS. I stayed VERY far away from them so that no one could complain, gripe, or correct me. Sadly, this removed the fun out of my excursion. I walked about 30 minutes & decided to find a patio chair and a magazine until Lauren was done. (pout.)

After THAT bit of fun, Lauren had a play date so I was CHILD-FREE! I was confused... didn't know what to do... so I headed down town. I went to my FAVORITE bakery, the Green Blade, to buy some bread for the kids. The Green Blade is like... my personal crack house. It smells so good, everything is beautiful, the people who work there are lovely... However, I was there for BREAD. No treats for Amy. I did decide to buy a brownie, since I wanted to visit one of my friends who works at the Royal Touch. She's so pretty and incredibly petite so she needed a brownie, RIGHT??? When I went in to visit, she was just finishing up her work and I was telling her my woes from Reames & how I just didn't have the will to get the other half hour of my exercise in. And what a wonderful person Shelly is... she said "let's go for a walk!" She was so cute in her skirt and loafers, had somewhere else to be, and yet she took the time out to make sure I finished my exercise for the day. And I was mean and tried to make her eat a brownie... now I feel bad... (sorry, Shelly!!)

I did have a very fun evening! I was invited to sub for a Bunco group and they had BUNCO in BOATS tonight! The home was on the lake & there were boats tied to the dock with a Bunco table in each boat. I have a couple of friends who are in this group and both were not there tonight, so it was "outside of the box" for me to attend Bunco while being there, kind of on my own. (not that this was a scary group... all of the ladies were so wonderful and I knew a few of them from subbing in the past.) And I was the "big winner" tonight at Bunco! In case you're not familiar with the game of Bunco, it takes tremendous skill and strategy to be successful. I am obviously very gifted.

In summary... No more walking on the cart paths at Reames. If I continue this bad behavior, all of the golfers will hate me and that's not a good thing. I surrender.

When I struggled today, not wanting to finish my exercise, a friend gave me a hand. I need to look for opportunities to return such a nice gesture.

I rock at Bunco. I'm talking MAD SKILLS.

I want to move to a house on a lake.

I'm a pretty lucky girl... good friends & a beautiful community. No complaints!

That's all I've got for today. Don't forget to enter the contest for a free pair of FitFlops- entries are accepted until Midnight, Pacific time, Friday evening. Tune in tomorrow to hear about Jodi Orlando & I killing ourselves at a spin class. My butt is sore, just thinking about it...


christina said...

Good luck at your first spin class. I have been taking them twice a week for about 3 months now and Im addicted. Your butt will be VERY sore the first 3 times then I promise you that you wont really notice it anymore. Sometimes a bike seat pad helps but wont stop it, know what I mean?

I would suggest getting there early to have the instructor make sure your set up right on your bike and explain the class to you.

Also no matter how hard it feels make sure you do some of the standing parts - it gives your ass a break.

And no matter how much you hate it the first class you should go back for 1 or 2 pretty quickly after that (within a week) to really give it a try... it might surprise you.

Its a fast amazing 45 min workout!

Lindsey said...

So you are way to nice. if i had been running on that golf course and that man had said that to me i would have saidd back "why yes there is you are correct and it looks like you have not been there in a while or you obviously don't know where it is located" or you could have just been really immature and stuck your tongue out at him in passing :)! you don't know me but i have followed your blog for sometime even when you rarely wrote i would try to check it but i just wanted you to know you inspire me :) thanks!!!

natioam said...

Do you at least know what the term FORE shouted real loud means? If so then you are good on the golf cart path. If not then you might want to stay off it. However, we have had two friends have real bad accidents on a golf cart path with the golf cart. I just wouldn't trust a bunch of golfers that are probably drinking beer or something stronger. Are you allowed to take a pillow to spin class? I wonder if you wore an adult diaper if it would give you padding. Just thinking of someway to pad the butt.

Me, Only Better said...

Too bad those golfers are so needy with their paths!

Glad you found something to do with your spare time - playing games in a boat sounds very fun!