Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 19: I'm TIRED... how about a refreshing treat?

Hello, Internet! I have so many things to tell you... I really do. Did you know that I think about you all day? Yes, Internet, you are on my mind as I go about my daily.... stuff. I wonder "what is Internet doing right now? Is Internet missing me? Enjoying the weather? Seen any good movies, lately?"

I'll have to catch up with you more, tomorrow. I'm TIRED after a day of activity, exercise, a most AMAZING dinner, and lots of FUN with friends! However, here's what I'll share with you for tonight: One of my favorite summer treats!

I've been CRAZY about orange juice lately. Since we have to watch the calories when it comes to juice, I only allow myself to have one of these treats every other day. Or maybe it was every day. I can't remember.

Have you seen the Magic Bullet blenders?  If not, be sure to check my blog this Sunday because I may or may not be giving one away... I can't live without my Bullet Blender. Just CAN'T. So I take one cup of orange juice, which is about 110 calories, and fill the blender cup with ice. Then I blend it until the ice is totally fine... like icy dust. The noise attracts the children like mosquitoes- especially the Man Child. Then I have to share, which is fine since it decreases my caloric intake while making me an awesome mother.

I'm outta here, Internet. Did I get in my hour of cardio? Of course! Did I do it on the elliptical? Noooo.... I hit the streets. Today was a great day but I've got to get to bed... More tomorrow!


KC said...

Oh, I love Orange Julius!! They don't have them out here anymore where I live so I''ve had to make my own. You should try this recipe for a low cal version, it is only 112 calories and is so good! Here is the link

WrayLynn said...

Yum! That sounded so good I made some tonight. However, I blended orange juice and grapefruit juice together since I was in the mood for some sour. It was good! Thanks for the suggestion.