Monday, June 14, 2010

Day EIGHT: Winners announced and a VIDEO BLOG!

HELLO Internet! I'm feeling a little kooky today & thought I'd address the masses (all 43ish of you) via a VIDEO BLOG. Seriously, high tech. This way you can see me drawing the names... LIVE! I hope you're all able to watch the video but just in case, I'll post the names below the screen:

The winner of the Zumba Fitness Total Transformation DVD Set is.... TRUSTY
And the winner of the Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD is... SHARON POWELL

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! Please email me at with your full mailing address & I'll have these gifties shipped out to you PRONTO!

And if you can spare three minutes and three seconds, take a peek at the video to see today's blog.

It's going to change your life. I'm pretty sure of it.


Lisé said...

Oh my danged goodness, Amy! That was, by FAR, the very bestest video blog I have EVER WITNESSED!!! I did pick up on a slight accent, but that only makes me want to talk to you more. You and your knack for technology! Super great. Keep 'em coming! Also, PICK ME!!! ;)

The Duckworth Family said...

Lol, I can't even read your blog without hearing your accent (commenting from the facebook comments). Great job though! What fun giveaways, wish I got on soon enough to have seen them! so I wanna know where you hear about th ethings to do around here. Like the running Y thing, Maliyah would have loved that! Call me about doing something poor kids just don't get out much.

Mamaappah said...

Loved you vlog! So fun.

sarah said...

Congrats to the winners!!

4D Mama said...

Very nice video, Amy.
The gym IS dead now. I can't believe how empty it was for a Monday. I enjoyed it... all the way up until the baby decided that I was finished (having only worked out 30 minutes on the ellipticals with the TV). I was bummed. I had LOTS more in me. But she's cutting teeth and there were *just enough* witnesses that it might have gone badly if I ignored her. =( LOL. I don't want to leave her with the day care until she gets her immunizations. Doing that TODAY!
Have a great workout!

WrayLynn said...

That was so fun! I love you blog. My kids would love to see those horses. My 6 yr old asked if you were real, LOL. I love your blog. Sorry about the gym being empty. Have you tried classes? I love the ones at my gym

Oh, I'm going to request to be your friend on Facebook, just a heads up.

Ashley said...

I may or may not have, but definitely did give you an award on my blog! Ch-ch-check it out if you want :)

Allyson Zakour said...

I LOVE your blog and I can already tell that you are changing.....
you are an inspiration of epic proportions.
I admit, I read your blog DAILY!!
thanks for the encouragement....
when we are one of those skinny little prissy, oh wait, we won't be prissy things, we will smile and encourage others to better health!

laurens_closet said...

HEY EVERYBODY! Thanks for checking out the VLOG post. (someone told me that a video-blog is a Vlog... I like that!) It was HARD to put my MOVING FACE on the Internet but I did it and... I'll do it again! : )

Ashley~ THANKS for mentioning me on your blog! That means a LOT to me!!

And Allyson... I'm so glad you check my blog each day!

Thanks to ALL of you for the support- I'm excited to hear more about YOUR accomplishments!!

We'll VLOG again, soon!! ; )


Michelle said...

Hey Amy the video blog makes me miss you even more than I already did, so thanks a lot!
No really I loved it. You are inspiring me and I love the blog. Keep up the great job.
I will continue to follow you on fb, my personal addition. I can't get a twitter account or I might have to check into rehab and then I would miss part of the 100 day challenge.
Thanks for the comments on my fb. I know you understand how much the motivation from others helps to achieve a goal!