Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 30: Really... THIRTY??? Wow. Random thoughts by Mrs. Hempel...

This is a unique glimpse into the heartbeat of RebuildingAmy... where the magic happens... and the clutter... my computer. (that was TURNED OFF today) 

"I only check my email about once a week." When people say things like this to me, they might as well tell me that they are from another planet & eat hair for breakfast. I just can't get my head around it. I have a little bit of... an... Internet problem. Shocking, I know... Not only do I have the BIG!! HUGE!! Mac on my kitchen counter, I have a MacbookAir and an iPhone, which is permanently attached to my hand. I ADORE instant information and, as you know, I love to multitask by Facebooking or Tweeting while I am on the elliptical at the gym. Some call this "ADD"... I call it "diversifying my attention." So today, my outside-of-the-box experience was TURNING OFF THE COMPUTERS. And it's amazing what I was able to accomplish. Let's just say EVERY STITCH of laundry in the Hempel house has been cleaned and put away... which happens as often as a lunar eclipse.


Yes. I'm one of those women... the middle aged women who flock to see the abs of a 17 year old. I admit it. I've read all of the books and now, like it or not, I have to see all of the movies. You have to finish what you start, right?

My friend Andrea and I went to see Eclipse at the theater tonight. I fully expected to have the theater to ourselves but it was QUITE full. Have you seen the Twilight movies? Seriously... the first one was comical. The acting was HORRIBLE. But this one was actually pretty good! Except for all of the EXTREME CLOSE UP MAKING OUT SCENES. Really? Maybe I've been married too long.

I'm loving this pic of Pinky and I... Our eyes are red, like we're vampires who just "fed". Watch out.

After the movie was over, we stood outside of the theater and visited with another friend for a while. I was totally distracted (see the comments above about my ADD) by Angelina Jolie. She kept staring at me. She's pretty hot, except she has about 12-too-many tattoos, for my taste. But still, I thought I'd share a picture of her... staring...

Sadly, my iPod died today. I believe it was a homicide. It lives in my car and, out of nowhere, it is sticky. The center button is stuck in place by some sort of kid-induced liquid that has dried & ruined my music source.

Kids. (you know what I mean.)

I have music on my iPhone but haven't figured out how to add ALL of my iTunes music to my iPhone, yet.

I'll get Dr. Hempel on it.

And speaking of.....

 I love this guy. This is Dr. Hempel sitting at HIS computer at 11:30 at night, working on charts. He does this a lot. (notice the Diet Pepsi can next to his arm? We live on this stuff.)

Just had to throw in a picture of my BFF.

That's about it for tonight. iPod, dead. Eclipse, good. Friend at Eclipse, fun. Today's challenge- computer off, I survived. AND... I got an hour of cardio in at the gym. I'm off to bed. Gonna dream about Edward Jacob Dr. Hempel.


christina said...

I love when you talk about your hubby - you can feel the love through the words... its refreshing :)

Stephanie said...

I saw Eclipse last night too! It was nice to get away with some girl friends... and I agree it was better than the first two. I still feel like kind of a dork that I am so excited to see these movies:)

I am impressed with your "unplugged" day...not sure I could make it!

natioam said...

It is easy to add music to your iphone. It is just like adding it to your ipod! plug that phone into the computer and get going. Get you some music!! If you have an itunes library on your computer you should be able to put all that music onto your iphone.

Rachel Garcia said...

What no give a way!!!!?Oh well! Had fun last night and Jacob is 18 so it is all legal baby!!

Andrea P said...

Woohoo I made your blog!! It was awesome hanging out with you.. and unfortunately I did NOT dream about Jacob :(

sarah said...


What do you mean middle aged? I am 34 going on 15 think you very much. LMAO! I squee over Edward all the time. And I was right there with all the other over 25 crowd on Saturday night watching "Eclipse". And I have read the books 3 times. I love them. Love me some Vampires. Yes I do.

Darcy said...

I stumbled upon your blog while reading Pioneer Woman comments, and I'm so glad that I did--your site cracks me up!

Don't you sometimes wonder how life could possibly go on without computers? Up until recently, my grandparents didn't own a computer. This always left me feeling stunned. And sad for them. And curious as to how they spent their days.

They have an iPad now. They're hooked.

The Chic College Cowgirl