Monday, July 5, 2010

Days 28-29: An open letter to the convenience store gal, a WINNER, & a GIVE-AWAY

Dear Gal working at the "Snack Shack,"

Hello... I know you greet a lot of people every day so I'm hoping you remember me. I'm the woman who came in, around 8:30PM with the 3 year old who had a full-blown tantrum in the middle of the store. Remember the little guy who screamed until the windows shook? Yeah... that's me. I brought him in, between tantrums, as a negotiation tactic, to reward him for SHUTTING UP FOR 5 MINUTES. He chose 2 Hershey's Bars, one for his sister and one for himself. As I stood there with him, I started thinking about how long it had been since I'd had a candy bar... a REAL candy bar... And it had been a long evening with my little... bundle of joy. I decided that if I was going to have a candy bar, I was going ALL OUT and I grabbed a Snickers. Yes, this would make me feel better. (and the Sour Punch Straws were for my husband because bad behavior loves company) We brought all of our goods to the counter and as you were checking us out, you quietly said "you're Dr. Hempel's wife, aren't you? I read your blog." For a moment, I wanted to explain to you that these weren't MY treats... I was buying them for someone else. (kind of like a 14 year old explains to her mother how she's holding the cigarettes in her purse "for a friend") But then I thought... what's the use? I'm busted. So I said yes, I am his wife... glad you read the blog... then we all watched Corbin have a come-apart because he couldn't have some Bug Juice and I hauled him out to the car.

I ate that Snickers and it was delicious. Afterwards, you came to mind over and over again. So I went to the gym tonight and worked out. The Snickers Satisfied and the workout expelled the sin. I hope you continue to read the blog... Tonight, YOU reminded me of what I needed to do. Thank you!!!


Dr. Hempel's wife

PS - the winner of the AMAZING Shake Weight is JILL! And I KNOW Jill!! Jill, email me at with your mailing address and one Shake Weight will be on its way to YOU!

OH... and no exercise yesterday... so another giveaway... 

Today I'm giving away a one-year subscription to Clean Eating magazine. Have you ever picked up one of these at the store? They are FULL of great recipes, ideas, and shopping lists. (love the lists...) Here's what you have to do to enter:

Answer the following question: Besides eating a candy bar, what do you do to let off steam when you've had a stressful day? ANY TIPS FOR AMY??! 

Entries will be accepted through midnight on Wednesday, July 7, 2010. A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Thursday, July 8th. Only one entry per person... and if you don't win, please refrain from eating any chocolate. Another contest will be coming along shortly and it's just not worth it.

Speaking from experience,


Lisé said...

I go for a run if I am able to. Running really helps me sort through most of what I need sorting. I keep asking Matt to hang up our heavy bag so I can punch and kick it all I want for as long as I need to. Its so nice to picture someone's face on it during times of great stress. When all else fails, go for dark chocolate. (I eat less if its the dark kind.)

Christy said...

If I'm really stressed, I hit a local trail...ALONE. I did this today, 7 miles, and VERY MUCH needed. It's so quiet and peaceful; helps me clear my head; there are no demands or complaints; only the sound of my shoes crunching on the gravel and animals running through the woods. I can either think peaceful, relaxing thoughts OR imagine the gravel being the heads of all the people who caused my stress and I'm crushing them...either way, it works. ~ Christy Shaw

Laura said...

My new favorite stress reliever is Pilates. With two little ones that make life stressful an hour of pilates really helps me.

Kristina said...

I totally feel you on the stressful days. Some of my 12 hour shifts at work end with me frustrated to tears. Luckily my go to is not chocolate, I have never been a sugar fueled girl, salt is my weakness. Though If I am out, and hungry and cranky (a winning combination for sure!) I often reach for a bottle of either Vitamin Water Zero, or Sobe Lifewater Zero and a cup of ice to crunch my frustrations on.

I wish at the end of those days that my gym were open 24/7 or that I lived in a place where I had more room so I could have some sort of workout equipment. I find it very helpful to take my shakeweight and Shake the living daylights out of it until my arms feel like jello and I cannot fathom moving again, then push just a bit more.

It is never an ideal world, we all know part of this journey is to learn how to adjust and not feel guilt over our decisions, live with and adapt. A snickers bar here, or a handful of chips there will not make you gain a pound. 3500 calories make up a pound so unless you ate a box of snickers bars your fine :) Park a little further away, walk a little faster, spend a few extra minutes at the gym, take the stairs, (i live on the 3rd floor of a walkup, so i just take them an extra time) and just keep going.

Feeling really stressed, make yourself a sugar scrub, (don't eat it!) scrub off the old dead skin and start feeling fresh again! You will be good as new in no time!

Miz said...

I wish I could say exercise as thats what I like to think I do :) but somedays its more blasting music loudloud and singing even louder.


christina said...

There are a few things I do depending on the amount of stress...
1. I get on my own blog and vent - blog therapy is awesome.
2. Take my dog for a walk
3. decide to be super silly with my 3 year old.
4. lock myself in the bathroom for a long bath with a book.
5. Go for a run.
6. sex :)

Mrs. Sheila said...

You want to know what I do to relieve stress besides eating junk? Well, I think men know best. SEX!! The only fall back to that is.... sometimes my husband will PURPOSELY stress me out, just so he can reap! LOL

Christina said...

I like to ride my bike! It makes me relax and just concentrate on me and where I'm going. A good metaphor for life!

Heather T. said...

I used to turn to chocolate and sometimes I still do but lately I've been trying to go for a walk. If I can put off eating to make me feel better for just about 30 minutes, I find that I can make it happen.

Amy said...

when I don't turn to chocolate (which is more often than I care to admit), I clean.
Cleaning keeps me too busy to eat and besides that, what bad can come of cleaning!?

T said...

I, too, used to resort to eating! These days if it's been a very stressful day I *try* to get a workout in but my other trick is actually to blog! Getting all of my thoughts, etc. written down is quite helpful.

Tracy W.

Dan.Beth.Miranda.Hayley said...'s always good isn't it?!

I need to resort to running my A$$ off!!! Not eating! HA

Kristin S said...

I'm a stress I'm watching these responses hoping someone has some wise ideas that will help me as well. Filling my mouth is familiar and comforting and in the "heat of the moment" that's what I want. Ug...I need a new stress reliever.

Jill said...

Usually I don't eat when I am stress out. That has helped me lose weight the wrong way. I sometimes clean my house or call my mom and vent my problems to her.
Thanks for the shake weight :0) I had a frozen snickers bar yesterday too. Boy was it good!

Jennifer Garza said...

1. Work out.
2. Breath in nature. It helps just to surround myself with it.
3. Vent to someone who cares.
4. Remember my psychology training that insists that cravings disappear in 15 minutes...because I know what I put in my mouth will end up on my behind for much, much longer!
5. Make something sinful, but modify the ingredients to make it healthier.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Christy, I hit the trails... or anywhere that is QUIET and that is safe to walk. I love to walk. I love being alone. I love nature. It is simply the perfect combination. When I lived in K-town I'd walk around moore park then I'd walk to 6th street hill, walk that a time (if I was crazy I'd walk up it twice) then back to Moore park.
Happy walking!

Alison West said...

I cook believe it or not !!!! It's my favorite thing to do and it takes my mind of this crazy world !!!!!! Usually my deal is to make something fun for the family that I DO NOT like so I am not tempted.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually eat a candy bar, but I will eat ice cream or candy (skittles or jelly beans) until I am almost sick to my stomach.

Kind of like a closeted binge, I guess...

Cupboard Love said...

Boxing class! It leaves me utterly exhausted and drained, but sometimes that's a good thing. I love being able to funnel all of my anger and frustration into my punches.

sarah said...

Sometimes you just have enjoy a Snickers. Or whatever your favorite candy is. I love peanut M&M's.

And Clean Eating is an awesome magazine.

I've been running again and that really helps me get rid of stress.

Haylee said...

I go get a pedicure. Ok, so it's not exactly a guilt free option but it's fat free! :) If only it was free of charge

Me, Only Better said...

Food is definetly a de-stresser for me. I wish it wasn't. I try and minimize the damage though. Yesterday I ate an ice cream bar, but it was 2 o'clock and I hadn't eaten yet. So I figured calories are calories. At least it wasn't two oclock and I'd been stuffing my face all day!

Better ideas would be:

Go for a walk.
Clean (with really loud music on)


Karen said...

Unfortunatley, I would eat the candy bar and anything else not glued down. I am really struggling right now. Would love the subscription-something needs to jumb start me. LOL

natioam said...

I have not found that exercise really gets rid of my stress because the whole time I am exercising I am thinking about what made me stressed. If I am real stress I will watch a comedy that just makes me laugh and laugh. it helps to lock kids in closet while watching comedy.

Rachel Garcia said...

I need the magazine ---I need new recipes ideas -- because I am a stress eater or I cry!