Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 36: Tastes like chicken.

Anyone who lives in Klamath Falls knows exactly what you are looking at in this photograph. But we'll get back to that in a moment.

Summer, summer, summer - - - I'm soaking it in. Today was just beautiful. (Part of that beauty was Dr. Hempel coming home on his lunch break and bringing me an additional air conditioning unit... ahhh....) Lunch was a little "ladies get-together" at a friend's house. The moms were inside and the children played in the back yard. Lauren & I ran errands all afternoon for the business and for home. And this evening we had dinner at my parent's house. But the best part of the day... the BEST part of the day.... happened after dinner. It was today's "outside of the box" challenge.

My parents live on the other side of town. They live "downtown" and we live in the "suburbs." Tonight Eric and I brought our bikes to my parent's house. After dinner we said good-bye to the children and we hit the road- we were riding our bikes from my parents' house to our own house, together. Klamath Falls has some wonderful bike paths and in the six years we have lived here, I have never had a reason to experience them. Until tonight. I'm really digging this whole bike thing... I love the freedom of a bicycle. I savor the perspective... As we flew down the bike path, I could see the back yards of homes we've driven by so many times. It was a more intimate view of my little world.

I had heard we have a Pepsi facility here but I never knew where it was. Now I know... it's off the bike path. There's also a baseball field there. The kids were out playing tonight and we could hear the calls that were being made over the loud speaker. We talked about how Corbin will be out there one day and we'll be in the crowd, watching and cheering.

There's something nostalgic about riding a bike. As we whizzed through the neighborhoods, I enjoyed seeing the neighbors visiting. The kids were out playing & riding their own bikes. Some of the mailboxes had character... some looked like barns or were painted fun colors. Oregon is known for their roses and there were roses everywhere...

Even picket fences with roses climbing on them.

There are still picket fences out there and I'm glad.

Did we get the best work out in the world while we were riding our bikes? Ohhhhh..... not really. There was a little sweat but no stink. But what a fun experience. Usually, when we think about a "date night" we start deciding what restaurant we want to go to. Maybe next time we can map out how far we'll go on the bike path for our next date.

We have a next door neighbor who is the BEST- I'm going to ask her if she'll come over one day this week around 7:15AM so Eric and I can hit the bike path before work. Won't that be fun?

Did my heart rate go up much, tonight? Only at the stop signs when I pulled my bike up to Dr. Hempel's calves... *sigh*

OH! And the first picture? We have these little bugs here in Klamath Falls that come around during the summer and are called "Midges." If you're out for an evening ride, don't bike with your mouth open. Unless you're looking for more protein.

You may want to keep that in mind...


Rachel Garcia said...

AAAhhh the midgees .... they are amazing I hear if you scrape enough of them you can ball them up and dip them in chocolate..yum yum ;)

I am serious about girls camp!!

Heather Tramp said...

Oh our little midges...I remember the first time I rode out on the OC&E in August. I think I ate my daily caloric intake in the little green bugs.

Lisé said...

That was my favorite blog thus far. I forget the magic of a bike ride in the summer. Haven't experienced that since I was a kid. So glad you and the Mr. were able to share that together.