Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 37: Nothing too exciting...? Really??

First things first:

There is a little family in Idaho that needs some prayers and help. Their one and a half year old daughter fell in a canal and almost drowned. She is at Primary Children's Hospital fighting for her life and her parents are at her side, as they should be. This is a young family, their only child, and there is a link above where you can send a donation to help them during this time. If it were one of my kids, I would be so thankful for the kindness of strangers as I was moving through this nightmare. 

Now on to our day...

I wish I could say it was exciting and unique and filled with surprises BUT... it was rather quiet. And sometimes, that's totally okay. We had a slow morning at the house, packed up our things and headed for the pool. It was really odd at the pool- there were no children, only teenagers. These teens, however, were SO nice to be around! Lauren, being eight, announced to the 8 teens in the pool that "there's a underwater dance party starting" and as I cringed, the girls came over to the shallow end and started boogying with Lauren. It was so sweet! And Corbin.... oh my, Corbin... He has developed a thing for young girls in bikinis. And they like him, too... Corbin played up the whole "look at me, I'm too small to be able to swim" so that these girls would carry him on their hips as they moved around the pool. When it was time to go and we were saying our goodbyes, Corbin said "I have to give her a kiss" and he put his things down that he was carrying and ran over to one of the girls. She swooped him up and he kissed her all over her face! She said "that was the CUTEST THING!" I wonder what Mr. Corbin will be dreaming about tonight... Don't be fooled, ladies. 

When swimming was over, we went home & changed our clothes and headed for the gym. I worked out on the elliptical for an hour and it was so odd... I had the hardest time getting my heart rate out of the 140's. I usually like to keep it in the low 150's and I had to work REALLY hard to get it up there. And you all know I really don't like to work at these things. I guess this is the bad thing about your body becoming such a well-oiled machine, right? 

We came home, ate dinner, and then I took the kids out for a bike ride while Eric got some work done around the house. I'm really enjoying our time out on the bikes. It's so nice to have both of the kids old enough to power their own little vehicles and to be able to talk with them while we're on the road. They love to stop and look at things... Lauren found a dead snake in the road. That's a big deal for Hempel children! 

And there are plenty of little ditches and bodies of water around our home. What is it with kids and ditches? I remember being the same way as a child- always wanting to find a body of water and explore.

Tomorrow, Eric & I are going for a bike ride at 7:00AM (my SUPER nice next door neighbor is coming over to babysit) and I'm looking forward to that. Thankfully, we finally have the heat under control in the house which is making life a lot more comfortable... 

I'm off to finish some projects and head to bed! Remember: tomorrow I'll announce the winner of the ice cream/frozen yogurt maker! That's gonna CHANGE SOMEONE'S LIFE!! See you then! 


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait for Evan to get old enough to be on his own bike... but that reminds me - I have a seat that sits on the back of my bike. I was just thinking about what would be fun to do today and I think that is just the fun thing we'll do!
Thanks for the idea... I'm a pretty boring mom!

Anonymous said...

When I was little, my sister and I would go exploring on my dad's ranch...we found lots of ditches with water...but mostly, we would hang out by the pond...the pond filled with slimy sea weeds! Life was so simple back then...

Beth said...

Thanks for my daily laugh. Ditches, water, and mud- they are like kid magnets. I had to haul my kids out of the mud pit they made with the sprinkler today. Ugg... my laundry.