Monday, September 12, 2011

Four Months to Fourty.

(Let's be clear: I'm not 40, YET.)

I've never been one to lament about age. However: I will be turning 40 the end of December. My husband is FREAKED OUT about getting older and the other day the topic of my birthday came up. "Turning 40 is no big deal," I said. Eric stopped what he was doing. Looking up at me he solemnly replied "40 times two is 80. Most people are dead by 80. You're less than half way there." Well... now that you put it THAT way... I'm not quite as giddy about it.

I do know that my husband has a birthday surprise up his sleeve and I'm WAY excited about that! I'm going to try very hard to not ask too many questions, to not snoop around the bank accounts... And I don't believe I'll be HOME on my birthday which is a sign of something to look forward to. My birthday is FOUR MONTHS away (New Years Eve, for those who are interested) and that gives me some time to shed some weight. I've been wanting to get back on track for some time and I'm starting to have that "it's now or never" feeling. So, with 4 months to go, I think there's enough time to work VERY hard and make a REAL difference before New Years Eve. I have rejoined the gym at Harbor Isles.... again. For a minute there I had three gym memberships at the same time. I'm beginning to feel like a gym-floozie. And now I've made a full-circle, back at Harbor Isles which was the first membership I had when I moved here. It's a nice gym, though- lots of people there I know.

That's where I'm at, today! Four months... I had a great workout this morning and will be heading back there in the AM.

(So why is it I'm dying for a mouth full of chocolate cake right now? Maybe all of this talk about birthdays?)

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Anonymous said...

It is never too late to make a change! I am glad to see you re-digging your heels in Amy!
You can do it! I am cheering you on!