Sunday, January 15, 2012

Surgery in your mouth = not so sexy.

Twenty years ago I had a small bump in the top of my mouth. Small... meaning the size of a pencil eraser. Nothing too concerning however I went ahead and made an appointment to see my family physician. Dr. W took one look at the bump and said "nothing to worry about." These were the words I wanted to hear: "NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT." Never mind that my physician was 300+ pounds and a smoker. As long as he felt I was healthy, I could retreat back into my blissful 20-year-old world where nothing was wrong. COOL! Fast-forward to 2010 when Dr. Wedam (my dentist) was checking my teeth and said "WHAT IS THIS HUGE BLUE LUMP IN THE TOP OF YOUR MOUTH...?" Of course, I quickly comforted him by saying "oh, I had that looked at (twenty years ago) and it's nothing." Next thing I know, I'm getting an MRI and a referral to an ENT. Dr. Todd biopsied the mass and our local pathologists were unable to determine exactly what the tissue sample was- it had to be sent to the Mayo Clinic. Thankfully, it's NOT cancer however the tumor needed to be removed.

I took this photo in the parking lot of the gym the day before my surgery. Since having the operation, I'm not going to be able to work out for 2 weeks which SUCKS. And it seems that most "soft foods" are things like ice cream, pudding... not a lot of protein choices, there. Of course, I can have a protein drink but I'm getting a little tired of the sweet stuff. 

 Since I had my operation on Friday the 13th, I was pretty sure I was going to die. And every person should be entitled to their "last meal." I dined on cinnamon rolls, sour gummy worms, the BIG Fritos with bean dip, and washed it all down with grape soda. It was amazing... until the acid reflux kicked up at about 3:00AM. Yeah. Now I remember why I don't eat like that, anymore.

This is me, right before the surgery. I'm not sure what I was trying to accomplish with the pose- but I can tell you that I have not been quite that chipper since the procedure has been done! I have a hole in the top of my mouth about the size of a ping pong ball... But it will fill. I'm quite tired and trying to get lots of rest. The good news is that the worst of it is behind me! My friends are all bringing me soup this week which is SUPER nice and a couple of them have signed up to give me a sponge baths... even though I don't need a sponge bath. Should I tell them? ; )

Eric has been so attentive- making sure I have all of the help I need with my food, medication, the house, and the kids. And even the kids are being good! I'm thankful for my family, my health, and the good doctors who have taken care of me. And I'm ESPECIALLY thankful for Dr. Wedam!! If I ever come across another bump... I think I'll get a second opinion. I'm just glad everything has turned out okay!

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Kinder said...

Glad you got that taken care of - yikes! Heal quickly!