Saturday, January 7, 2012

I've made it... it's official... FOURTY. This is how it looks:

What an AMAZING month December turned out to be! As you may recall, I realized in a previous blog post that I had FOUR MONTHS TO 40 and wanted to lose some weight. I'm happy to report that I have lost some weight... a little over fifty pounds! I'm currently around 175 (I say "around" since it fluctuates but that's the average) and my new goal is 160. I have a feeling that the next 15 pounds aren't going to come off easily... One problem could be my addiction to all that is sweet over the last few days. But we won't talk about that right now. And I'm punishing myself for my sins by going to the gym regularly and drinking meal replacement drinks. I'll be FINE! Just having a moment... MOVING ON.

One of the highlights of the "month of my birth" was a spontaneous trip with my darling niece, Brooke. She's 19 however she thinks I'm hip and doesn't treat me like the crypt keeper. We had an overnight trip planned for Sacramento that turned in to two additional nights in San Francisco. SO MUCH FUN! Here we are at one of MY favorite stores- IKEA. It was Brooke's first time. She didn't understand it. She indulged me the same way I indulged her in all of those dark, teen stores that reek of cologne. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree.

While in San Francisco, I was SO HAPPY to be able to reunite with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Scott! We were very close about 53 years ago when I lived in Memphis. We worked together, lived together, and PARTIED together. Now I drive a mini-van. He's still cool. How did THAT happen? OH... that's right... he doesn't have any kids. He and his partner, Mark, took Brooke and I to an amazing German restaurant. That's right- German. When they said GERMAN I was all... "OH! That sounds amazing!" trying to be cool... but really I was NOT excited. However the food was SO GOOD and the company was even better. It was so good to snuggle with Scott's arm around my shoulder. Just like the old days when I had a crush on him before I knew he was gay- comforting, yet got me nowhere. ; )
This is the view from our hotel room in San Francisco - it was the first time I had ever had a room on the TOP floor. AMAZING. And a little unsettling if you stood against the window and looked straight down. Fancy hotels are nice but not nearly as fun if you're staying with your niece and not your husband. She's not nearly as good of a kisser as Eric is. And she hogs the covers.

Back to reality... We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday together as a family. There's something extra special about Christmas when it's on a Sunday. We opened gifts, had a delicious breakfast, and headed to church where we could enjoy the choir's Christmas program. I am so thankful for my family- even more-so during the holidays. It's all so magical. (except for Baxter... he's kind of annoying.)

 My birthday is on New Years Eve. We had big plans for a party but honestly, as the year drew to a close, I realized the only people I wanted to share the new year with were already right there in my house. The kids are finally at that age where they can get along and not CONSTANTLY WANT TO KILL EACH OTHER. And Eric and I have been major home bodies, lately. It was good! And the kiss at midnight from my husband was perfect. TMI? Sorry about that...

 My favorite day was January 3, 2012, when Eric and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary. We got all dolled up and went to the new Mission Impossible film. Eric gave me a beautiful watch to commemorate the years- he put so much thought into my gift. I don't know if you can tell, but I really do have a crush on this man. I'm looking forward to the next 15 years and beyond!

And finally, you can see that I made another trip to the dump. My BFF Carissa and I had a couple of loads. Nothing like purging old junk, right? You can take that comment any way you'd like to. Whether it's 50 pounds, a stupid person in your life, bad habits... what ever it may be. Why hang on to the crap in your life? DUMP IT. I'm looking forward to 2012! We're working on finishing construction in the house this year, I'm starting school at OIT next week... (they told me I could qualify for a backpack with wheels. Seriously.) 40 isn't so bad, so far! I'll be sure to keep you posted... until then~ DUMP THE JUNK and take care of YOU!!!

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Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

You look AHHmazing! Congrats and those next 15 pounds could be super easy if you just eat some bad sushi or something. Just saying. :) Love ya and miss you and all those crazy Kfalls gals!