Monday, November 21, 2011

Who... me?

Tired. Busy. Distracted. Funny to some. Obnoxious to most. Knocking on 40's door. Hoping it doesn't answer. It will. Trying. Succeeding. Sometimes failing. Loved. Forgiven. Mother. Housekeeper. Homemaker. Wife. (did I say loved?) Business owner. Taxi driver. Grocery store shopper. Provider of encouragement. Keeper of the most wonderful friends. Dog lover. Terrible dog trainer. Cat owner when he allows me to be. Often humbled. Always thankful. Sweating. Watching what I eat. Trying. Stepping backwards. Trying again. And again.  And again. Never complacent. Wanting to be better. Striving to be the person I want to be. Happy with my family. Amazed by my children. In love with my husband. Ready to learn. Wanting to help. Listening. Thinking. Reflecting. Active. Healthy. Engaged with life. Going to ski this winter. More then once. Finding the right path to happiness. Honest. Sincere. Imperfect.

These are the things I am.

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mamaappah said...

I want to ski with you! I've only been once and was so scared but really want to do it because Jason LOVES skiing. Let me know when you guys decide to go! Glad your blogging, since I'm not :)