Wednesday, December 3, 2008

DANG I'm thinner then I THOUGHT! original post 11/20/08

HELLO bloggers! I hope everyone is having a GREAT week! I have a few minutes before I need to CLEAN MY KITCHEN (life has been hectic lately & my chores are falling behind) and then get Lauren from school.

I weighed in last Tuesday (2 days ago) and I have lost another .......... drumroll, please .......... 1.8 pounds! Hey- I'll take that! Right after my weigh in, I had an appointment at Dr. Panossian's office for a follow up visit. Dr. Panossian is a pulmonologist here in KFalls. WHY do I see a pulmonologist, you ask? I have a condition called SLEEP APNEA. Meaning, I quit breathing when I sleep. To have a diagnosis of sleep apnea, you have to have a disruption of your sleep, due to not breathing, 6 times per hour. When they did my sleep study, I quit breathing 122 times per hour, on average. And I didn't even get a small trophy, ribbon, stuffed animal, NOTHING for my amazing "not breathing" success. So since then, I have a handy machine I sleep with and I strap a breathing apparatus onto my head every night (just think about how sexy that is.) and have a good night's rest. Let me tell you- that machine is worth its weight in gold to me AND Eric. It changed my life & if you need to hear more about that, let me know & I'll devote an entire post to the benefits of SLEEP and NOT WANTING TO HURT EVERYONE AROUND YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE SO DAMNED TIRED FOR... YEARS ON END.

Okay... back to my story...

So I went to see Dr. P & he looked at my vitals & said "you're losing weight" and I said "I knoooooow- I look good." (I like to mess with him 'cause I think I scare him a little) I had weighed in at his office an hour after weighing in at WW's and BOTH scales said 203. (I CURSE the 200 pound hurdle.) I then asked Dr. P what my weight was when I first came to see him, in Feburary of 2008 and he said...

are you ready for this...

244 pounds! Now, Internet, the reason this is HUGE information is because I thought my starting weight was 238. I thought I'd lost 35 pounds. But NOOOOOOOoooooooo - - - I have now lost FOURTY ONE POUNDS. Like I said, his scale matches the one I weigh in at WW's on EXACTLY so I made an error! A SIX POUND error!

So now I can officially brag that I have lost over FOURTY pounds. Dang!

I have to say, this whole weight loss thing- it's getting hard & I'm going to sit down & blog about it SOON. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. I'm beginning to realize there's more to this in my head, at times, then in my tummy. I have some barriers that I need to get past and continue to move forward. Maybe getting those thoughts down, here, will help.

But until then... I'll reiterate...

I've lost OVER FOURTY POUNDS and that's AMAZING.

Now I'm off to clean the kitchen.

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