Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HAD to Share! original post 10/14/08

We JUST got back from the beach this evening. I am SO tired & heading to bed but I had to share one pic. I'm sure I'll post some more in the next day or two...

As you may know, we were at the same beach town two months ago. I shared a family pic with you all on my last post from when we had gone to the aquarium. Well, we went there again & I could not resist taking another photograph, in the exact same location - - - the purpose of the pic was to show the difference in my weight but what caught my attention was the KIDS. Check it out~

Consistent? Yup. Corbin is being a PILL! I'm burning calories each day just trying to wrangle him! We had a great time but it's also GOOD to be HOME.

Like I said, I'll share more tomorrow! I need to get my rest so I'll have my strength for my son in the morning.... *sigh*

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