Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here's a riddle... original post 11/26/08

What has two thumbs and weighs

less than 200 pounds?

So here's the scoop. I went to weigh in on Tuesday. I'm standing in line thinking about the night (get ready for some confession time, here) Eric & I took the kids (blame the kids) to Elmers & I had a French Toast deluxe breakfast for dinner. I have to say I only ate one of my three pieces of French toast... I also was thinking about the 2 pieces of pumpkin pie I had eaten in the last week (getting myself used to the taste again so I don't hurt anyone's feelings on Thanksgiving Day), as well as the one peanut butter and pumpkin truffle that LISA CARTER (see the "stuck between..." post, reason #3 and also the "Shaking it up with the Wii" post- story about the donut-pa-looza) brought to my home and made me eat.

I had accepted the fact, as I stood in that line, that I was getting ready to face my first week of weight GAIN. I walked up to the table with my eyes down, shed my shoes and light jacket, (those shoes can MAKE OR BREAK you when you're weighing in- trust me) and stood on the scale to hear the verdict. I held my breath and watched those numbers move... It read: 199.4. This also means I've now lost 45 pounds!! Honestly, my first reaction, the FIRST thing that came from my mouth was "I didn't deserve that." So it was a bittersweet accomplishment. I had lost 3.8 pounds in the last week! Could it have been something in the pumpkin pie??

Now... let's give me a little credit... I did have my naughty moments however I also never missed my hour + a day workout. I've added some light weight training with hand weights. And I also had an amazing workout last Saturday with my friend, Lisa Carter, (see above reference) where we did some kick boxing and pilates. I really enjoyed the pilates & would like to do that again~ maybe get some DVDs or something. (the kick boxing was fun but I have a hard time keeping up with those dancy movements & then I feel like a dork.)

So that's where I'm at. UNDER 200 pounds! I broke the curse! We'll see what this coming Tuesday brings. Honestly, I am really sick & have only worked out 30 minutes in the last three days because I am not well. I'm going to give it another try tonight- Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! This isn't the time to take it easy!!

And speaking of Thanksgiving- I hope all of my friends out there have a wonderful one. I'm SO very thankful for so many things in my life... My best friend of twelve years, Eric. My children, Lauren & Corbin, my health, my home, my faith, the strength I didn't know I had, and my Boston Terrier- Sissy.

Here's to a lean Turkey Day - - -

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