Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A sure-fired recipe for a calorie-conservative Thanksgiving dinner: original post 11/28/08

Here are some no-fail instructions on how to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday dinner without feeling any guilt:
1) have two children at home, one in public school.

2) the one in public school comes home & infects the entire family with an unbelievable cold just before the holiday

3) Be the mother, wipe the noses, & pick the eye boogers of your 2 children the week before Thanksgiving day.

4) and voila! On Thanksgiving day, your head will be so stopped up & your nose will be so plugged that you can't taste or smell anything! All you'll want to do is take a nap and you certainly have no interest in eating!!

Here's what I was thankful for- the picture my dad took (my poor dad who got the SAME cold from the SAME children but now has pneumonia, as a result...) of Eric and I right before both of my eyes decided to have another infection set in. By the end of the night I looked like I had been crying for days!! But since we're usually behind the camera, it's hard to get a pic of us together & I think this one turned out pretty nice!
Hope your Thanksgiving was everything YOU could have wished for!

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