Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a wonderful day for a DATE with a wonderful husband~

*** I'm sending out a BIG hello to the ladies I ran into today in
Medford who said they read my blog!!! XOXO!!! ****

HELLO Bloggers! Did you think I disappeared? That maybe after that last post I plunged off of the deep end, into a huge bowl of tapioca? NO, not me. I'm here & making the changes that I need to make. I have come to realize a huge weakness of mine is wanting to eat in the evenings. It seems like I sit on the couch to watch something on TV & my brain opens up a Rolodex of favorite foods & starts saying "what about chips? Do chips sound good? Well then something sweet... how about some chocolate? Or cheese & crackers? Doesn't that sound satisfying?" Until my feet get in on the action & the next thing you know I'm in the kitchen. I'm now trying to be strategic - - - I'm eating a BIG healthy dinner, full of filling foods, around 6PM. Then, if I NEEEeeeeeed a snack, I can have something like a sugar free jello while I watch TV. (all of those Biggest Loser sponsor dollars are paying off for Jello) I *thought* I was being smart tonight & grabbed a box of raisins. Healthy, RIGHT? WRONG. Those little guys have 130 calories per serving (no thanks, I just got rid of those at the gym about an hour ago), THIRTY THREE carbs, and one measly gram of protein. Seriously?

If any of you smart people out there have some other healthy evening snack suggestions... please PLEASE feel free to post! I'd love to have some more options and NOT feel guilty about them or have to do any crunches before I go to bed. (like I would. Right.)

I had such a nice day today! Eric & I were supposed to go skiing but, thanks to the sun, we ran out of snow at the ski parks around here. Both of our children were already farmed out to my parents & a sitter so we couldn't let THAT go to waste (it would be like missing Haley's Comet - as those of you who have children know) so we scooted off to Medford for the day. The town we live in has about 20,000 people meaning we have a SUPER Wal-Mart & an Applebees but no Target, Olive Garden, or mall. And I can't tell you how nice it is to shop with no one crying, interrupting, demanding, diaper dirtying... Mama needed a day like this. One thing I have been really looking forward to is shopping in Macy's. I love clothing & have not been able to get to Macy's since losing the weight. This would be my first time ever to shop in the "regular" woman's section of this store. I thought I would be in Heaven! And I have to say... it was nice to be able to look around & have so many options... but it was a bit overwhelming! I am so used to being confined inside "Woman's World" which is usually 200 square feet & located on the lower floor of any dept store between the children's section & appliances. (can I get an "Amen" from my plus sized sisters?)

So, with all of the choices I had, I ended up only buying a coat from Eddie Bauer. I tried it on & it was so nice & fit really well... I said to Eric "I love this coat." And he said "then buy it." And as we were walking out of the store I took his hand & I said "since I have lost this weight, I finally feel pretty" and Eric said "you have always been pretty, you're just now letting it shine through."

And that is why I hang out with Dr. Hempel. He's cool like that.


Anonymous said...

What a great hubby!! Love the coat by the way!!

I'm all over light pop corn as a get SO much for little points!!

Other fav's - hershey chocolate sticks...1 pt each...dip them in some tea...emmm emmm good

Linda said...

ah, that's sweet!!!!! love the coat!

Me, Only Better said...

Your coat looks awesome! I love Eddie Bauer - but have never splurged on a coat (Canadian prices are much higher!).

I don't know about the evening snacks, I usually don't have a problem with evening snacking - how about an apple with a tbsp of peanut butter or celery sticks with a wedge of laughing cow cheese?

Sherre said...

#1 - Amen from your plus size sister on the plus size departments.

#2 - The comment from your husband is truer than you (and your plus size sisters who are losing) can know.

#3 - I'm hooked on kozy shack no sugar tapioca pudding for evening snacks. Just 1 point!

Leelou Blogs said...

AWE. That was so cute. Darling coat. too bad about the skiing. I have plans to go tomorrow, maybe I should reconsider ):

Shelley said...

Totally hear ya on the overwhelming amount of clothes in "normal" sizes at Macys - I need something the size of Lane Bryant - they match everything and make it easy (for me) to shop!

About the evening snack - I've been having an apple every night - I cut it up with a cool apple slicer, and enjoy the crunching and sweetness - it's about 80 calories, with some good fiber!

POD said...

Speaking of snacks, FF jello mixed with FF Greek yogurt is pretty good, creamy and filling.

You look great in that jacket.

Miss K said...

that's amazing!!! i had a friend say something similar and I really think that losing weight and working at it is something that must come from within. just to realize that we are beautiful and we treat ourselves that way. I'm glad that Eric treats you that way!! cause you're one gorgeous hot mama!

Miss K said...

oh and check my blog in a couple days, i'll list some of my night snacks there. peace.

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!!! Oh the day to go to a "regular" store not a plus size one.

WW Fudge Bars, 1pt. I love them!!!
Any fruit, 1-2 pts.
3 pieces dark chocolate, 1.5 pts (antioxident- better than fruit or veggie)
flavored teas (spices make you feel fuller)
jello with whip, 2pts
100 cal pack snack, 2pts

these are some of my favorites.


J~Mom said...

Low fat popcorn is my favorite followed by ff pudding!

Laurens_Closet said...


Gracie~ If I had the Hershey chocolate sticks in my house, I'd find a way to justify eating the entire box. How do you have that kind of control??? POPCORN- I forgot about that "healthy" kind~ thanks for the reminder!

Linda~ THANKS! : ) I don't get the sweet comments too often (not in a bad way) so when I do get one it melts my HEART!

And to my Canandian friend- prices high there? That sucks! LOVE Laughing Cow cheeses! SOOOOooo good!

Sherre~ You're so sweet! And Kozy Shack? Never heard of it. Is it healthier then the Jello sugar free snacks? I'll have to investigate. Do they have them at WalMart?

Nicole~ I heard you & Molly are going skiing. WITHOUT KIDS. Go, girl... go. Even if you don't ski~ park your car in the national forest up there & enjoy the silence for 8 hours THEN come home and whine about how tired you are from skiing all day. Or fake an injury so you can take a long bath. THINK woman, THINK.

Shelley~ I am ALL about red delicious apples these days. And I just discovered almond butter. Makes a wonderful companion to my crunchy apples. YUM!!!

POD~ WHAT are you eating?? I swear I'm going to try that & get back to you. Sounds interesting, odd... and GOOD! You have me intrigued...

Kelda~ Thanks for the sweet comment! You're right about that coming from within... Ash told me you were gonna call me? DO!!! (And I'm up for watching The Bachelor with you, ANYTIME! We outta coordinate a little get together!)

Sandy~ I forgot about those 100 calorie snack packs! I smell a trip to Walmart coming on...

J-Mom~ I'm with you on the FF pudding! LOVE that stuff. I'm also going to pick up some of the "healthy" popcorn- TOMORROW!

Thanks for the comments~ I'm so glad all of you read this crap.

: ) Amy

MParrish said...

I can't believe LC & I didn't even get mentioned during your "wonderful day" blog.

evidently, we rank somewhere beneath shrimp.

Laurens_Closet said...

DANG~ You're right! I failed to mention the amazing workout I had with LC & Melonie at the gym that night. AND the two PB cookies I received for coming to the gym...
... is that bad...? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

You are rockin' that coat! And what an awesome hubby!

The Daily Rant said...

I love that jacket!

As far as the plus sized clothing sections(which I still shop in!) go, Target (which I don't really LOVE for plus sized clothing, but they do in a pinch) ALWAYS puts their plus section right next to maternity. And it always seems like they morph at some undefined point.

I'll be looking and looking and before I know it, I've wandered, and the pair of pants I thought were really cute as I pulled them from the rack? They have an elastic belly section!

I may be fat, but I don't need THAT.

Congrats to you for making it to the regular sizes!! I hope you got some other great stuff.

And I have to agree with the good HAVE always been pretty. (OK, so I haven't known you all your life, but I have been in your archives!!)