Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Post

The words "NEW POST" on my blogger dashboard are calling me. So I clicked on the NEW POST option, not even knowing what I am going to say tonight. Usually I have a plan- a little dialogue set up in my mind before I start typing but tonight... tonight it's all off the cuff.

I believe things are straightening out in the Hempel world. As I have mentioned in the last couple of posts, life has taken a few difficult turns that have put me to the test regarding discipline and routine and, honestly, I think I could have done better. But the good news is I also could have done worse and I'm still here, right? I'm THRILLED to say our kitchen remodel is almost complete and I'm excited about a new place to have a fresh start in making some amazing meals to feed my little family! I've wished and waited for this kitchen for SO long and it's funny... now that it's here, it intimidates me a little bit. I'm not quite sure about where to put things... I don't feel comfortable in there, yet... It'll come, though. 

I have not weighed myself in about a month. That's REALLY not good. However, I am feeling better about my body and realizing that I am back to losing weight and getting into shape so I am ready to step on the scale this week. As I have said SO many times: it is what it is. I'm not perfect but I'm also not 248 pounds, again, either. So there. 

I'm looking forward to summer. I've already warned Lauren that I have commitments this summer that include teaching Weight Watchers two days a week and working out MOST days but I also have plans for her and for Corbin to do some fun and AMAZING things and I promise she'll have a good time. It's a give and take deal and I think she gets it. Lauren's birthday is on June 6th and we are taking the kids to a water park to celebrate. Eric said "are you going to get into a bathing suit?" And I was all "of COURSE I will- we're going to a water park- what else would I wear? Are YOU getting into one???" (in other words... suck it.) I have not been to a water park since I was a teenager and I'm looking forward to the trip! 

That's all I have for tonight~ I hope all of my friends who stop by here are all staying on course with your goals. It's hard, at times, isn't it? But being healthy... losing weight... staying active... is the right thing to do, don't you agree? And there are going to be months that I am a ROCK STAR at this thing and there will be times I'm feeling a little weak. But at the end of the day, at the end of the week, at the end of the month... the year... I'm here. And THAT is what counts.


The Duckworth Family said...

YOu go girl. It was great seeing you guys at the park today! WE should do some walks with the kiddos this summer, grab their bikes and hit the trails! We'll have to plan it once school is out. Keep up the good work and I'm excited to see the finished product (the kitchen....and you! But first the ktichen)

Lisa said...

You look great! I am trying to lose weight with WW, AGAIN. :)

- Lisa

Anonymous said...

I finally got around to reading your blog.. I am very excited to meet you and get my life back on track! I got a call from the office, they moved my appointment up to June 24th. Yay!

-- Andrea